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Hi everyone

I am keen to go back onto weight watchers but went to a meeting last week and am completely confused by the new pro points thing! Have decided to just use the discover plan again as I have all my stuff for that from before, but can anyone tell me how many extra points I get for breastfeeding? It's 14 on the new plan but I dont think it would be as many with discover.




  • don't know 100% about the breastfeeding old points, i think it was 10. but i have a friend who is doing the same and now that the stuff with vinatge points is starting to dissappear from the supermarket she is finding it harder! maybe your leader could talk you through it again to help you get your head around it... it isn't really that different, your still counting points, just that things now have different values!

    email me if you want to chat... i have now lost 21lb on PP!!
  • Thanks hun, i think it's just that I havent had time to read through all the stuff and with Jennifer refusing to be put down some days It's really hard to sit and point everything, at least with the old way I can remember what value foods were before and I still have my old trackers. Hopefully the new branded foods wont be that much different to the old ones and I will still be eble to work it out. Well done on the weight loss btw, 21lbs i fab! I would like to lose about a stone and a half by July as we have a family wedding - just got to relocate my willpower now as it's firmly MIA and I'll be on my way!!
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