Struggling with feeds

Hi just wondering if anyone can offer any advice or has experienced anything similiar?

For the last couple of days my little girl seems to be more windy than normal and despite lots of attempts to wind her and doing lots of wind and colic exercises as recommended at baby massage it doesn't seem to be helping. As a result she is stuggling to feed. Everytime I try to put her to my breast during the day she arches her back and crys as though she is too uncomfortable to be in that position. Yesterday she didn't eat from 2pm until 7.45pm which is really unusual for her as she normally cluster feeds from late afternoon until bedtime. She eventually took EBM from a bottle and went on breast for about 4 mins and then went to sleep to wake up an hour later and feed well. She then feed fine during the night and then first thing this morning.

She seems in pain when I try to feed her during the day and she is noramlly such a happy little baby. OPrdinalrily if she is fussing I'd offer a feed and if she didn't want it she just wouldn't latch on but now when she's crying I just don't know what to do as offering her my breast can upset her even more!

Any advice or ideas would be most gratefully received!
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