slaps needed please

ahhhhh - i am doing what i told myself not too - we are now on month 7 of ttc number 2 and i spent a fortune on pg tests - that sinking horrible feeling that i didnt think i would get becasue i now have a Toby is back and if one more person says to me it will happen when you relax i think i will bury them under my patio


thats better x


  • Slap and a hug - it's hard! xxx
  • Relax and it will happen is the most irritating thing people can say, generally people who haven't had any problem conceiving I found.

    It's luck of the draw and a bloody hard journey so huugs xxx
  • I said to OH I would slap the next person who told me to relax and let things happen - clearly these people have never suffered a loss or have any clue how hard TTC can be.

    On the way to giving up TTC no 2 and I didn't think I'd be admitting that. The stress is turning me into a monster and neither OH or Bing need me like that

    Huge hugs xx
  • I've been there - it's bloody hard, and I too wanted to smack all the smug buggers that said "it'll happen when you relax", or "when you least expect it". 7 months ttc doesn't sound like much to many people, but when you wait for AF every month, and that damn 2ww - it's hell!

    I'm sending you virtual slaps, but they're not for you - they are strictly reserved for the condescending know-it-alls you want to bury under your patio.

    Much love

    Tracy x
  • Awww hun!!! I've been there!!! It didn't happen for us when we 'relaxed' but when we all but threw in towel and gave up!! The early days (1st year) were actually harder with all the bloody peeing on sticks! Hang in there hun! Rant away whenever you need and go find a pillow if you need to scream!!! xxx
  • thanks ladies - Daves Friend - we are giving it till may nad then leaving it - just the 3 of us. I was in such a bad place in the 2nd year of ttc toby i never want to go back there. and if i am honest i am almost dreading being pregnant becasue of the fear of loss.

    Nice bottle of red for me tonight - every cloud!

    hugs to all x
  • Relax and it'll happen = 'don't press this massive big red button or else". Impossible! I won't slap you, but I'll hig you, how's that? x x x
  • thanks em - i love higs! x
  • Oh chick I totally feel your pain ;( I remember on year 2 of trying for Reece and being all to myself 'pull yourself together you have a lovely wee boy etc etc etc' but it still aches and yes to the patio suggestion I have a spade at the ready and will be more than willing to assist xx
  • Oh hun - We're two months behind you and I know exactly how you feel.

    I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. Sending you a virtual shovel instead!

    Big hugs.

    Kate xxx

    (Used to be Mrs Busby until the name change hoohar!)
  • Oh bless you!

    Some peoples comments are so annoying aren't they!

    Still recovering from a miscarriage I'm amazed at the amount of people who say " well at least you know you can get pregnant" oh well that's ok then! Twit heads!

    One more person says it and they too will find themselves under the nearest patio!


  • Oh Becky image the next fecker that says that to you say 'of course I conceive you friggin fool hence Ian and Genevieve now feck off' should do the trick!!
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