Elysia's first birthday is fast approaching and I want to do cupcakes for her joint birthday party with her 2 year old cousin. (It's literally a joint birthday, both born on Feb 5th bizarelly!)

I have decided making them myself is not an option as it will take too long and I would have to transport them to Staffordshire so can't even do batches and freeze.

Just wondering where's best to buy them therefore, and hoping someone who has done this before can recommend where's best. Obv I don't want to spend a fortune - there are 50 people st the party so will need a lot, but don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity either. Any tips much appreciated.




  • The Asda undecorated fairy cakes are nice then you could ice them yourself once you're there and retain a home-made feel!

    I do a lot of cupcakes, if you were in my neck of the woods I'd have done them at cost for you.
  • theres cute rice paper decorations on ebay think theyt are about ??1.50 for 20 or something like that, perfect size for cupcakes, you can even get a photo printed on them.
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