Explosive poo!

Please tell me this is just a phase?? Dexter is formula fed and normally has a pooey nappy once every 2-3 days but the last week he's had 1-2 per day most of which have exploded up his back! Obviously it's not the normal pooey nappies that bother me, if anything I prefer him having them more regularly but I've gone through so many vests and tops from the explosive ones! Do all babies go through this at some stage? They aren't especially runny but could it be a sign of teething? He's also a real dribble monster lol!


  • Logan went through a phase of this to be honest - I ended up taking him to the doctors and everything and we never really found a cause!! One day he just went back to normal. Babies are strange!!

    One thing to think about though - do his nappies fit ok? Perhaps if they don't, they would explode less in another nappy?

  • We had like a week of this! No idea why. Sophia went from doing one poop a day (I even knew what time of day she would poop) to pooping 3 or 4 times a day and right up the back!!! It did settle down! She had a massive up the back and front today but that is because she didn't poop for 3 days! Strange! Plus she won't poop at night, while we are out or in anyone elses house...funny baby!!!

    Maybe have a look at nappy size, sometimes it is annoying because they are a little too big for one size but a little too small for the next one up. Sophia leaked loads when this was the case! xxx
  • Since DS has been chewing on his fingers and dribbling everywhere his nappies become wetter...poo coming out and up his back....

    I think its down to him swallowing his dribble......well thats what I have put it down to....

    Wonder if it will gone back to normal once he stops teething..

    DLAM xx
  • Poppy does at least one poo a day and more often than not they're explosive and we have to do a full clothes change!!! It's been happening since she was about 2 months although it seems to have got more and more frequent! Luckily it has never happened when we've been out somewhere as usually it's first thing in the morning, I dread the day it happens somewhere where it's hard to change her!! xx
  • Ah glad its not just me then! Will check his nappy size- he's already on size 3's so hope I don't need to put him up again image though if most people have similar problems maybe its just one of those things. He managed to do it yesterday at his first day at nursery lol bet they loved me for that one - I did warn them though! The ones that annoy me are the ones that are hardly in the nappy, you think its going to be the worst thing ever judging by the amount on their clothes then you get the nappy off and its virtually clean! :roll:

    Littlelynsuk Sophia sounds like me, I have ishoos going in any toilet thats not my own but thats thanks to IBS (sorry TMI!)

  • DS has this whenever he's aggressively teething. We're going through a phase right now.

    Cloth nappies, however, do not leak explosive poo, so I never have to change all his clothes. *smug*.

    It's to do with all the extra saliva they swallow changing the acid balance of their stomach and gut. It makes their wee more acidic too!
  • Sophie had this at about the same age as your little boy is and I posted on here, loads of people had the same. Apparently it's because they just start putting everything in their mouths so they get introduced to a whole new range of germs and their stomachs are just aclimatising.

    Hate to say it but Sophies lasted about 5 weeks and she is no longer a 'poo every 48 hours' girl, it's now 24 hours! x
  • my lo had this when i changed him to hungry milk have u changed milk? changed him over to number 1 milk and he goes every 2 days now.

  • No havent changed his milk, only he's having 7oz bottles instead of 6 but he's never had this problem before. It's just the feeling of 'oh god I don't know where to start' thats annoying lol! Had to run to primark to get him some more vests as they keep getting dangerously low. Bit of a tangent but I also got him a t-shirt in there that was 9-12 months but I thought it looked small so got it to wear in the summer but just held it up against a 3-6 month t-shirt he fits in atm and its the same size!
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