anyone got a Tutti Bambini Glider chair?

just wondering if they are any good?

baby no 2 is due in 11 weeks and i am really going to try and give bf a go, i only fed my dd for 10 days due to various reasons one of them being i could never get comfy, especially during night feeds.

i have a bad back and was thinking of getting a glider


  • I don't have one, I couldn't justify the cost, but I did try them out at the baby show and they were very comfy indeed and I was very tempted.
  • g/c from toddler

    I have one - if you bought the full furniture pack ( cot , wardrobe, changing table, shelf toy box, free glider chair)it came with that. Initially I didnt want to spend that amount and just wanted the 3 bits of furniture which was cheaper ( cot, wardrobe, changing table).

    DH convinced me it would be a lovely thing to have and was worth the little extra expense.

    Now I would say its well worth it. From early on I would take DS from moses basket in our bedroom to do night feeds ( i was BF but didnt want to distrub DH as he gets up easrly for work so feeding in bed was not an option for me). Once he was fed off one boob it would then get used again whilst I expressed other - always found night expression to produce the most. Now we still use it every night for milk and supper snack, / bedtime storys and day time stories too. It will get further use for 2nd child.

    In the end despite being dubious - I love it and would recommend ito anyone who has the cash or nursery big enough as they do take up quite a bit of space.

    Happy shopping xx
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