FAO princess87 (hopefully?..or other mobile phone people)

Hi hun,

I think it was you who said on a thread before you used to work for o2 or another phone company?

If it was (or if anyone reads this that knows), I took out an o2 contract in november 2009 and its due to expire this november, When I signed up I got a really good deal (30% off my contact every month) as I used the o2 open thing you get if you work for a large company that uses them. Anyway, theyve now ended the 30% off thing for new customers and instead give you ??75 back of the handset price or something like that...my question is...

If I upgrade in november will I still get to pay the same amount I am now (the discounted price for that tarrif) or will they say I can no longer have the 30% off?

Thanks...and if its not you sorry lol xx


  • Hey, my husband got a % of his monthly tariff due to his work. He left the company but it didn't matter it was a lifetime deal as long as he didn't change network. BUT you won't know unless u ask they may have a special claus- but I doubt it u should still get it as ur an existing customer. Hth
  • Hey Sorry it took me sooooo long to see this! long story short I dropped my Iphone and it smashed image

    Anyhoo thats right, the 30% open affinnity is finished. It will roll over though if you dont upgrade but in order for you to get a new phone youll have to change to the new deal.

    If you decide to upgrade, the monthly spenditure will determine the amount you get back up to the amount of ??250 I think...and that will go on to your account after 2 or 3 months and sit on the account and clear your bills untill the credit runs out. You can also get discounted Broadband and Home line with the deal too image

    If you don't mind my asking. who does your OH work for? I think the amount you can claim also depends on the company

    Again, im so sorry it took so long to get back!
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