6 month old swimming with a cold?!

Hi ladies, i'm after some advice please! Finley (6 months tomorrow!) has gone down with a cold this morning but i really wanted to take him swimming tomorrow. Is it still ok to take him do you think or should i wait until the cold passes? He is fine in himself and still very happy and chirpy just a little bunged up and snotty! The last time he had a cold he didn't seem out of sorts either just a little more sleepy. He loves the water and so i thought he would benefit from it. What do you reckon? x


  • Lily LOVES swimming but I have not taken her for the last couple of week cos she has a constantly runny nose.

    I feel as though it's fine while she's in the pool cos it lovely & warm but the blast of cold air when she gets outside can't be good....

    I've took her to a softplay area instead last weekend.
  • If he's ok in himself, I would probably take him to be honest. Just make sure you wrap him up extra warm when you get out, especially with cold temps outside again.

  • I would go swimming hun, think it would do him good. I have taken my little one in the past if he has a cold. We tend to carry on as normal unless he is poorly poorly. Have a good time image
  • my girly has got over a cold and i just took a fleecy sleepsuit to go with her coat, blanket and hat etc so she was super warm when we came out.

    she was fine she enjoyed it!
  • Thanks girls. I think i'll see how he is in the morning and if he's still fine in himself then i will take him as planned. I'm sure he'll love it. I'll just make sure i have lots of warm clothes for afterwards. x
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