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Wonder if anyone can help me,

(sorry for tmi) I was induced as it was discovered during a ctg that my lo wasnt coping well with my contractions. The doctor tried to break my waters to check for meconium only to find they had already gone (still to this day dont know when they went lol) and i found this rather painful and then later on he attached a wee wire to lo's scalp to better monitor his heart rate during my contractions and again I found this agony!!

Anyhoo my son was eventually born by emergency c-section, but im finding now almost 14 weeks later that my vagina is sore during sex and I just wondered if it was normal for it to take that long to heal??

Any advice would be much appreciated image


  • hi there, poor you - I also had a C section due to a prolonged (failed!) induction and DD starting to get a bit distressed - I couldn't tell you about the sex thing as (blush) 6 months on I'm still not attempting it! but it certainly took me a good wee while to feel 'normal' again and it's my understanding that a certain amount of healing work is going on with your uterus etc for a number of months after the section - they cut several layers to get through to baby so it makes sense. It's only now that I am starting to get the sensation back in the numb areas around the scar and I often get wee pains or tingles just before that happens! Take it easy on yourself.
  • Are you BF? I'm still a bit sore (DD is 9 months!) although I didn't have a CS. At about 3 months I went to the Dr to see whether there was a problem with my stitch (I only had one). She did some investigations included a smear test as I was still getting a little bleeding during sex. All the tests came back clear, so she has put it down to BF hormones. Hopefully it'll be better when I stop, although I'm not sure when that'll be yet.
  • I had a very quick easy labour with no stitches my daughter is 10 weeks now and I still find sex very uncomfortable. I feel bruised I suppose. No idea if this is normal or not just wanted you to know you weren't alone xx
  • Hiya,

    Thanks for taking time to reply ladies!!

    Its nice to know im not alone lol, i still feel numb where they cut me for the c-section which isnt the problem during sex its just in me lady bits lol...can only assume its from the doc poking about....i can remember trying to climb up the back of the bed to get away from him until he got the stirrups out and pinned me down lol!!

    hopefully it will all heal soon image

    Thanks again xx
  • what a lovely memory bryony :S I know what you mean, by the time they had done all the internals on me during my induction I was having to have gas and air just to let them do it and I've always been ok with internals. I still have numb areas nearly 7 months on, but it is coming back slowly. xxx
  • yes, it's normal, i had this with ds (had an emcs, only got to 2cm so no trauma down there, unless u can count the copious examinations) think it took a good 9 months to feel normal down there, i even got referred to a gaeny he said it was normal, especially if periods hadn't returned fully yet and just to use lots and lots of lube!

    had an elcs with dd 7 weeks ago and haven't attempted yet, will be getting the lube in in advance this time though! x
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