what's the 'rules' with cows milk?

Hello ladies, Fin will be 6months next week. We're doing BLW and he is BF.

I've started giving him cereal for breakfast such as weetabix, I've been dunking them in formula so they're not too dry and he just eats them off his high chair tray.

Problem is, I'm only using the tiniest bit of formula, probably an ounce maybe two. The stuff is so expensive to buy and then have to chuck the tub away, near full after it's been open a few weeks or however long. Same with the cartons, There's about 9oz in a carton so most of it gets chucked out. Would it be ok to use a bit of cows milk in any cooking I do or with cereal?



  • when i had my ds i asked the hv if it was ok to use cows milk in food cereal and she said it was fine, obviously i didn't use alot but he's 3 and a half now and he's turned out alright! but i think they have different advise all over the place if your unsure check with them x

    lauren 35+5 xx
  • Yep I've always been told it's fine to use full fat cows milk in cooking and with cereal and that's what he's had since 6 months xx
  • I've been using cows milk in cereal since she was 6 months. You could also buy something like Aptimil porridge which already has the formula in, you just add water. But they are quite expensive compared to normal cereal!
  • Yes, cows milk in cooking and on cereal ect is fine from 6 months - the milk doesn't have to be 'cooked'. There's nothing wrong with cows milk, the advice not to give it as a drink until a year is because you shouldn't replace formula/breastmilk with it until a year, as it doesn't contain enough of what baby needs, but to add it to foods is fine.
  • Just wnat to say I went to a weaning talk the other day and they said the same as the other ladies. It isn't a problem at all used in cooking etc. just not to be given as a drink until a year old.

    Oh yeah and it must be full fat.

  • Yep, go with cows' milk! It's not that they can't have it, they just mustn't have it as their main milk feeds. x x x
  • yes i was also told cows milk was okay with cereal and in cooking from 6 months and as a drink from 1year
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