6 wk old with a cold!

Hi all. I'm just after some advice as my 6wk old son has a cold! He has a very stuffy nose and is sneezing and coughing a little more than usual. He is still managing to feed (I'm breast feeding) but I just wondered if any one had any advice on how to help him and try and clear it up as I don't want him to be suffering! image

Thanks in advance for ur help!


  • Hi,

    With my son, I always roled up a top and placed it under the head end of his mattress. Having the head raised a little helps clear the nose. I also put a splash of Karvol on a muslin and would use this to wipe his nose as it was needed. Apart from those little things to make him a little more comfortable, you'll just have to go with it im afraid. It will clear up soon.

    My son is almost 14 months and has had a fair share of coughs and colds.

    I hope your little one gets better soon x
  • Hi hunny, my baby girl was constantly bunged up for the 1st 3 months & the "professionals" were no help. I did the same as happy archie with regards to lifting the mattress slightly at head end. I also constantly had a bowl of steamy water close by baby to help it come out. I also bought a decongester from Boots, there are 2 types 1 that looks like a turkey baster & then one that you suck through one end with the other up babies nose (sounds grose I know but it has a filter!) This was my absolute godsend. Hope this helps !! xx

    Ps...Dont have central heating on in the bedroom as it dries the air out or leave the window open a smidge image
  • Hi.Thanku both for ur comments! He is still bunged up and with a cough now which according to gp could be the start of bronciolitis! But he seems well in himself and still feeding ok.as u say I think we just need to go with it but I will try ur suggestions too! Thanks again Xx
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