wakin up half way up the cot?

hey, my lo since thursday night has started wriggling up her cot bed. she was up every two hours which i assume was because she had wriggled covers off and got cold. any ideas on why she would randomly start doing this or how to stop it would be great. shes 5mth thanx


  • My 8 month old is a wriggle bum, always has been. The only thing that works with Evie is sleeping bags so she doesn't cold and we have recently got an airwrap to stop her getting her arms trapped through the bars.

    There is no reason as to why they do it other than they start getting more mobile. Evelyn wakes up diagonally, upside down, never where we put her!

    Good luck x
  • we use a sleeping bag and tuck the bottom bit under the mattress(i always use one size bigger so there is plenty of material at the bottom) i started doing it when my LO was waking himself up by wriggling everywhere, since i started doing this he has never woken up and sleeps much more peacefully! (he is now 14months and i still do it for naps and night time and he doesnt attempt to stand up etc just goes straight off to sleep...marvellous!
  • also going to recommend a sleep bag x
  • What does she wear to bed? Might be worth one of those fleecey sleepsuits and a long sleeved vest and less bedding perhaps so that if she moves she will stay warm? Not sure I can think of anything else

    My lo doesn't get on with sleeping bags and wakes up frustrated banging her legs up and down so now I use blankets - she does sometimes wriggle though!! My cue that she is "absolutely 100% awake" in the morning is her kicking her wriggling till the covers are off, waving her feet in the air and grabbing her teddies from the top end of the cot! lol - thankfully she hasn't done this at 4am (yet!!).

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