Still no period - getting worried

My little one is three months old and i still havent had a period...shoud i be worried/go to doctors? I had a instrumental delivery and bled for about three weeks after the birth :?


  • Are you breastfeeding at all?

    I didn't get my first period until 3 months either, I had breastfed for a couple of weeks, then expressed less frequently which causes hormone levels to drop and your body get back to normal. x
  • g/c from toddler.

    I didnt breastfeed, gave birth at the end of March and my first period didnt arrive till mid august ! It can sometimes just take a while, try not to panic just yet.
  • I wouldn't worry. My lo is 9 months old and I still have no sign of one. Apparently it isn't an issue unless you're trying to get pregnant and they don't investigate until at least a year after you've stopped bf.
  • Don't panic! I'm breastfeeding my 6 month old and still haven't had a period. Make the most of not having them as i'm sure when they come back they'll be back with a vengence! x
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