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bugaboo bee plus anyone?

ust after some thoughts on this as a pram for our little boy. I like the idea that it's lightweight and easy to use but seems sturdy enough to last.

My other favourites are the uppababy vista and the baby jogger city select but having seen all 3 together the bee is so much small and lighter than the uppababy and baby jogger.

My brother had a baby just under a year ago and he says everyone they know who bought a heavy travel system have bought a lighter weight stroller once baby got bigger as it's easier! I think the bee might solve this problem?

Any thoughts?

I'm drowning in pushchair reviews and need help image

Viv xxxx


  • Hi, having previously had a Bugaboo Cameleon and a Phil and Teds Vibe I purchased a Bugaboo Bee Plus in July this year for our second child (I sold the Cameleon because I thought we needed a double but didn't so sold the Vibe and bought a Bee Plus) and I do have mixed feeling on the pram - here are my pros and cons


    - We needed to use it with a buggy board but the pram is very lightweight and the weight of my daughter who was two and a halfish used to tip the pram when she leaned, it definately would have gone right over in Boots once if I hadn't been holding on and she wasn't leaning a lot.

    - Despite being made bigger that the older model it is quite small, my son is a big baby and his head would have been over the hood by the time he is one had I kept it.

    - No or little suspension ,means its not great over grass, I don't mean off roading I mean walking across the park on hard grass in the summer - it felt very juddery.

    - The footmuff is universal but it does feel as though you are just forcing the cameleon footmuff on and it hangs off the edge of the seat a lot.

    - In parent facing mode there is no foot rest.


    - One piece fold, its super light and it does fold very small

    - Pushing through town is lovely and steering is fantastic

    - The head support in the cocoon is great and the cocoon itself is actually quite roomy, its also very warm and in the summer you just zip the top off and baby stays nice and cool.

    - Parent facing or baby can face out

    - Storage basket - brilliant you can get lots in

    - Raincover - miles better than the Cameleon raincover

    All this said, I did end up selling the Bee and buying another Cameleon which I LOVE and can use safely with the buggy board. Apart from the one piece fold it has all of the pros but none of the cons for the Cameleon with the added bonus that its bigger, has suspension and in my opinion a much better pram. It even fits in the tiny boot of my Citroen C3!

    Hope this helps, happy pram shopping!

  • Also just wanted to add that I have never needed to purchase another stroller to use with the Cameleon, this time or last time.
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