How much is too much? X

Hi girls!

Can I be really nosy and ask roughly how much you spent on your LO's christening/ naming ceremony outfit!

I'm so excited about the day and I feel after everything we've been through it's an important day too for a lot of different people, the last few times my family has been together has been for very sad reasons so this time I can't wait for everyone to celebrate something amazing and welcome my LO into the family!

My best friends who is going to be LO's godparent has offered to buy LO's dress as in her family that is tradition, yesterday she brought around some pictures of gorgeous dresses for us to look at prior to our shopping trip in a couple of weeks! The dresses range from ??40-??70 which I think is very reasonable, I offered to go halves but my best friend was having non stating that when it comes to my LO money is no object and that she too is very excited about the day!

Cue my MIL who popped down saw the pictures and the prices and basically had a go at me for spending far too much on a dress which will only be used once, taking advantage of my friends generosity and spoiling my LO, basically telling me my LO would grow up to be a spoilt brat if I kept buying her expensive things!

So now it's put me on a bit of a downer, I don't for a second take advantage, I've spoken to my friend a few times about it and she is adamant it's what she wants to do! My grandma is also paying for half the cost of the day but that's just what we do in our family, whenever there is a celebration someone always offers to pay half, not because they feel they should but because they want to!

Sorry it's turned into an essay lol but my original question was how much did you pay for an outfit and do you think ??40-??60 is too much for an outfit only worn once?

Thanks, needed to get it off my chest!




  • Personally I think it is really up to you and your OH. Your MIL sounds jealous. I think its fine to spend that much and you have a lovely friend. You only get this day once, I say celebrate it and do what you want.

    My LO wore a victorian christening dress that has been handed down the family, then she wore a monsoon dress and cardi that my mum bought her, this cost about ??40.

    In response to your MIL saying she will be spoilt, your LO is far to young to know what her dress cost. And lets face it, you will get far more pleasure out of it than she will!

    Have fun x
  • We haven't organised LOs christening yet but I don't see ??40-??60 too much at all! If your friend is happy to pay that (and she came up with the dress ideas no you!!) then let her! and enjoy it!

  • My DD's outfit was a ??35 dress + ??10 bolero cardigan that were in the sale from BHS.

    I don't think you'd get such a special dress much cheaper than ??40 - ??60 even in the high street street anyway - I just dropped on a bargain.

    Yes, it was a sickner that she took it off once we got pack to the buffet but we still have the photos & I will keep it & hopefully her daughter may use it.

    I'd ignore you MIL & do everything the way you want to, she's already her time this is about you, your OH & DD.

    Have a lovely day x
  • When I read the first line I thought I'd pay about ??50, so ??40-60 sounds about right to me! I might be uncomfortable about letting someone else pay that much, but your friend has offered, you're offered to go halves, and she brought the pictures of the dresses to show you didn't she, so she doesn't think they're too much. I think it's a lovely gesture on your friends part, and none of your MIL's business (sorry to be rude).

    I don't see how it can make your LO spoilt, even if you were spending 3-4 times that on her christening dress, she'll have no idea what it cost! It is only one day, but it is a special day, you'll have your memories of it (and photos) forever, and you might want to pass the dress on.

    You choose one you and your friend like - I think there would only be a problem if your friend was looking at 'cheap' dresses and you were hoping for something nocer, but that doesn't sound like it's the case. Is your MIL a bit jealous that your friend is so involved - maybe she wanted to buy the dress herself or has an 'heirloom' dress she was hoping you'd use? Not that I think there's anything wrong with the godmother being involved, I think it's lovely!
  • I think if it can be handed down then thats fine tell MIL to mind her own lol x
  • I paid ??45 for my dd1 naming ceremony dress. She wore it again a few months later for a good friend's wedding and I have kept it in the hope if it fits dd2 may wear it for her naming day...however having said that I also think it would be nice to spoil her too and get her a new dress.x
  • I would take no notice of your mil! My boys are spoilt rotten And quite frankly I don't care! If I have spare money it goes on them. Harrison is almost 4 and does not act spoilt or expect presents or toys etc, and if he asks for things and I can't afford it he doesn't whine or moan, he just says ok, cos he knows he will get other things another time when I have money. What good is it having kids if we can't spoil them? And I know your dd will prob only wear it once but we spend hundreds on wedding dresses that only get worn once, and does anyone say we should get a cheaper one cos it will only get worn once? If you and your friend are happy then that's all that matters hun image

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