Highchair recommendations....

Can anyone recommend a highchair to keep at my mum's house?

Don't want to spend too much on it, it needs to fold flat for storage and ideally needs a removable tray....and in a neutral colour...

Thanks. x


  • Get a booster seat that fits onto a chair instead of a high chair. Babies R Us does a neutral one - the Summer Infant Booster Seat (was ??25 in the sale may have gone back up to ??29.99). It will last longer and can be taken to cafes etc that don't have high chairs.
  • Get a booster seat that clips to a dining room chair. They last longer and are portable. I got one from Babies R Us for ??25 called the Summer Infant Booster Seat. It's neutral and have a removable tray.
  • I've just ordered a totseat for travelling. Only problem is, it doesn't come with a tray. But it fits onto a normal chair and I'll then just use the table to pit my sons food on.

    Mothercare sell them for ??24 but I found a new one from Area Five for ??16.

    x x
  • I think there's one in the asda baby event at the moment for around ??25, looks ok x
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