Baby doesn't want milk during the day, anyone experienced this?

Hi- as the title suggests my lo (boy, 15 weeks) doesn't seem to be interested in feeding during the day. He will certainly take enough so that he's not suffering any ill health and whilst on the lighter side (between the 9th and 25th percentile) he's gaining weight fine and is alert. So from a health perspective i'm not too concerned I just feel like i'm banging my head against a brick wall trying to get him to take more.

An average feed in the day (of which he only wants to take 4 hourly) is probably 3- 3.5oz but can be as small as 1oz and occassionally 4.5oz.

The big issue is he makes up for this at night taking 6oz before bed (fine) and then 2 further 5-6oz feeds during the night.

My gut instinct is that he's just making some developmental leaps at the moment (quite early for his age) like rolling all around, sitting for short periods unaided etc. He's always been very alert and I just think he gets bored by feeds in the day when there's so much other cool stuff to be doing.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything anyone could recommend to try and get more milk into him during the day? From a selfish perspective it would be nice to think we were moving towards sleeping through the night (or at least dropping one night feed) but if this is when he's taking most of his feed in a 24 hour period I can't see this happening.

Any advice you have would be great


Oh I meant to add that I was thinking I may wean him earlier than 6 months, not sure when but I guess not for a few weeks, as I thought this might stimulate his interest in food (he's fascinated by watching us eat). I really haven't looked into it yet though and was wondering should he still be getting most of his calories from milk? If that is the case do I need to wait until his milk intake has picked up? I'm quite confused by weaning and not sure what the process should be


  • Have you tried making him go a bit longer so he's more hungry when it's time for a feed? Even occupying him for an extra 30 minutes may be long enough for him to take an extra oz or 2, meaning he will fill up during the day and be less inclined to wake during the night, hopefully.

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