Wysoy - URGENT advice needed.

Morning ladies

I'm in desperate need of advice. Daniel is 10 weeks and it's suspected he is lactose intolerant. Doc has sent off two poo samples for testing and prescribed Wysoy to try in the meantime. I've been Reading that it should not be given to kids under 6 months and can even cause infertility in boys!!!! I've requested from docs that they give him Nutramigen (tried ds1 on this 3 years ago and he hated it as it tastes and smells vile!) and I'm worried he won't have it and I'll have no choice but for him to have wysoy. I'm also panicking cos ds1 had wysoy and feel shit that I may have caused him damage giving him it!! What should I do re Daniel? I'm really hoping results come back and he's not LI, but with both DS1 and I being LI until we were 3 I'm really stressing out. Please someone slap me!!!

I'm so confused atm.

Thanks ladies.



  • Also wanted to add doc I saw today confirmed they don't give wysoy anymore!!

  • did the other dr you saw today said what they now prescribe instead of wysoy? sorry i am not much help, i dont have experience of LI but i didnt want to read and run.
  • Have you tried adding colief to his bottles of regular formula? They work by breaking down the lactose - wondered if it might help sufficiently to be able to keep him on cows milk formula.
  • I read something similar about Wysoy, after my GP prescribed it for my daughter. My HV was surprised it was prescribed.

    We were originally given Pregestimil, which she wouldn't drink as it's disgusting (very like Nutramigen), then Wysoy (which constipated her) then Enfamil O-Lac, which made her condition much better (but still with a little constipation). All this time the 4 x GPs I'd seen didn't really know what was wrong with her image

    I had to keep on going back & asking for something different. Thankfully the O-Lac helped & then we were eventually referred to a Paediatrician, who believed it was only a temporary lactose intolerance, caused by a gastro bug... so we eventually managed to gradually get her back onto normal formula.

    Perhaps ask your GP for the O-Lac, made by the same company who make Nutramigen etc. Hopefully it'll help your little one x
  • hi, sammi, my ds is 22 months old and has been on wysoy since he was 17 weeks, my OH was also a soya baby...with ds the gp put him on wysoy, he stopped being sick immediately, then the dietician said not to give wysoy and put him on nutrimagen, he started vomiting etc again, as it's not jsut the lactose but also the cows milk protein in ds's case, and nutrimagen is cows milk but has had as much stripped away as possible, but not everything, the only thing that is 100% mlactose and cows milk protein free is soya, so at the end of the day we had a choice of ds carry on being sick and poorly and losing weight, or use wysoy and hope that he's like his dad and the wysoy has no effect on his fertility (ds was a surprise and dd was month 2 ttc)...there are other hypersnestive milks neocate is one i can think of) but again the only thing that is completely free from lactose and cmp is soya....please don't feel guilty, if at the end of the day it was a choice between ur son eating or may possibly run a risk of fertility problems as an adult then u made the right choice, no doubt about it. xx
  • Minnie - doc said Nutramigen, but I know it's vile and don't think he will drink it, but I'm willing to try.

    Maenad - we have previously used colief but it didn't seem to make a lot of difference tbh, but I will ask doc if there is an alternative to it which may help, rather than changing milk.

    Banana - thanks for that I will deffo speak to doc about that if he doesn't take to Nutramigen, or if there is nothing I can add to his regular formula.

    Wowbabies - I have a feeling Daniels is milk protein rather than LI actually but will see what poo test results say. Thanks for the reassurance about Harrison, I just felt awful as soon as I read about infertility image

    Thank you ladies you really are brilliant image

  • double post
  • Hi, sorry to butt in but I was just wondering if someone could tell me the signs and symptoms of lactose intolerent and milk protein? DS is VERY sicky, although is putting on weight well and on 50th centile, he was prescribed infant gaviscon at his 6 week check as they said it was reflux but it hasn't made much difference to the sickyness at all, we have an appointment on wed with a pediatrician about it as HV suggested LI?? xxx
  • hi lizzie is ALLERGIC to cows milk protien and is on nutramigen and it is not cows milk at all. it is used for cmi and li.

    as someone already stated wysoy is given for tempory lactose intollernce and short term use is ok. wysoy is used as it tastes the closes to normal formulas.

    i assume your gp is waiting the results before deciding what to give your LO next. i feel for you as it took a long time for lizzie to be diagnosed. i was first told by HV lizzies was a lactose intollernce and she was put onto wysoy but then we got a very quick referal to paed and he ran some tests and said she is allergic to the protien and we MUST avoid everything with it in, we have been given a specail antihistimine for her incase of any contact and she was immediatly put on nutramigen which she took fine and she will be on this milk until she is 2 (im counting down the months til i dont have to keep making bottles,lol, 11 to go!!)

  • nutrimagen does contain the protein, but it's been treated 'hydrolised' to break it down to the amino acids.

    edited to add, i too can't wait, ds is 22 months now and still having to make his milk up, he's got his 2yr old paed review next week where there going to retest him and see if he's outgrown his cmpi yet and if he has we can start making the move to cows milk, and if nit, from two, he can have the fresh soya, so either way shouln't need to faff around with ff for too much longer (well aslong as dd remains happy on the boob)x
  • yes thatsa right just the way i read the reply was like it shouldnt be given to children with cmpi and its only rare that these children cant have this milk as they have a allergy to it, most will have no problem and is like a mirical milk to parents whos children have such problems with the normal milks.

  • no i didn't mean that lol, but some are more sensitive to it, ds is cmpi and didn't get on well with the nutrimagen, it was better, but nt good, iyswim? the wysoy though really worked for him, which is why the paed, gp and us decided to stay with wysoy, was only the dietician who wasn't too happy about it....

    sjbaby, y ds's symptoms were lots of vomiting (whole feeds every feed, projectile), green poo, screaming/crying with every fart or poo, eczema and eventually weight loss...we were told it was refulx and colic until at 17weeks we moved house and got a new gp hth x
  • Symptoms:

    From what I've read they don't have to have them all, but these are generally the symptoms associated with the intolerance.

    Lactose intolerance:

    Abdominal pain - cramps, often localised to the per-umbilical area or lower quadrant

    Bloating - caused by the formation of gases that expand in the warm conditions of the digestive system

    Flatulence - caused by the gases produced by the bacteria. H2S is the gas associated with the odour

    Borborygmi - may be audible to the patient and on physical examination

    Diarrhoea - stools are usually bulky, frothy and watery

    Vomiting - particularly adolescents

    Nausea - may be present, probably due to acidity and gases escaping backwards

    Weight loss - if kept unattended

    Malnutrition - especially in babies

    Milk allergy:

    Skin Reactions:

    * Itchy red rash

    * Hives

    * Eczema

    * Swelling of lips, mouth, tongue, face or throat

    * Allergic "Shiners" (black eyes)

    Stomach and Intestinal Reactions:

    * Abdominal pain and bloating

    * Diarrhoea (usually very runny)

    * Vomiting

    * Gas/wind

    * Cramps

    Nose, Throat and Lung Reactions:

    * Runny Nose

    * Sneezing

    * Watery and/or Itchy eyes

    * Coughing

    * Wheezing

    * Shortness of Breath


  • Daniel has eczema, diarrhoea, really bad flatulence, vomiting, sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, borborygmi (not severe but even when he's eating or just eaten his tummy will be growling like he's starving!) and also he has always sounded like he has mucus at the back of his nose/throat, which I read on another website is also a sign in milk allergy.

    He wouldn't take the Nutramigen, he had 1oz then screamed and sobbed and refused anymore, so back to wysoy for now!! Results should be in on Wednesday so fingers crossed it comes back negative and we can put him back on normal formula. Though it still won't help me understand why he has all the above symptoms, but at least I know he doesn't have to avoid certain foods.

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