ARGH! Baby fighting at nap time!


My baby is nearly 5 months, and because of her reflux, I need to make sure she is asleep before I put her down for a nap. Recently, she has been sucking on my finger to fall asleep. But the last few days, she fights me BIG STYLE whenever I try to get her to sleep, she isn't interesting in sucking my finger, and I have to walk, bounce, rock her etc.

She has been teething for months, but still no sign of anything, but I wondered if this was why she spits out my finger, or turns away from me? Or do you think she has just cottoned on to the fact that the finger means sleep?!

She has just screamed for the last hour....I am pooped!! Xxx


  • Hi there, what would happen if you just put her down with her light show on in her cot? Sometimes DD just fights me to get put down now, and doesn't want rocked etc ,and it just winds her up more! How come she has to be asleep first, is it in case she vomits while laid down? xx
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