Weaning - is she eating the right amount?

I started weaning my little girl 2 weeks ago, and I'm making up my own food for her.

Somedays, she will be interested, and other days, she isn't that fussed. She never leans forward, like she wants more, and i just wondered if I should just keep going with it, or whether she just isn't that interested at the moment, and if I should wait?

She is 5 months xxx


  • When i first started weaning Finley at just over 5 months on the advice of my health visitor he wasn't overly interested and sometimes didn't want much at all. However now at 6 months it's a completely different story! He is on 3 meals a day with a pudding after his lunch and tea! Sometimes if he's too tired he won't eat much but most of the time he can't seem to get enough! Give it time, it's just something new for them to get the hang of. I'm sure she'll pick it up and be a real foody within no time. x
  • Most babies aren't actually interested in food until 7-8 months, then they start to want to pick stuff up and gnaw on it.

    Did the HV say you needed to wean early - just wondering if maybe she doesn't need it yet?
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