colief and breastfeeding

hi all, my dd is beginning to show minor signs of li/cmpi, although nowhere near as bad as ds was at this age, i heard that colief can help in this situation, and as she's becoming increasingly difficult to soothe/settle i bought some today to try, now we're exclusively bf with one bottle of ebm at night, and wonders if anyone has any tips on how to give it? or do i have to do it as per instructions and express off some milk prior to every feed to mix it in with? or would i see some results by just giving it once a day with her ebm? i really don't want to have to express/sterilse etc etc for every feed if i don't need to, as it's hard enough finding the time/energy to do that 1-2times a day lol. ta muchly xx


  • Hi there,

    Sorry it seems that history is repeating itself for you. My DD, now 3yrs old!, was EBF and she was on colief for a while. I gave it to her in about 10-15mls of ebm before each feed, so lets say i expressed 3oz in one go i would just pour out the small amount needed and give it to her then store the rest in the fridge till the next feed, so no need to express for every feed. I believe that colief needs to be given before every feed so that it aids the breakdown of the lactose in the feed just ingested iyswim, so not sure that only giving it in one feed per day would make any difference to her symptons.

    The good news is that as breast milk does not breed bacteria like formula sterilising your pump and bottles does not need to be done every time they are used. I didn't know this when i had DD so went through the whole rigmarole for each express and feed but i have since learnt, (from a lactation consultant with the LLL) when i had DS, that if you are expressing and giving ebm the pump bits and bottles only need to be washed thoroughly in hot sopy water and then sterilised once every 24hrs-that should cut down your workload a bit!

    Good luck, hope the colief works


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