Am I being unreasonable?

It may be because I am poorly but I am really angry with my sons nursery.

Several reasons really.

1. He was there from 7am until 4.30pm and only had 2 nappy changes in the whole day. Surely that isnt fair. He is reusables as well and I have told them before that he needs changing more often.

2. He did not have his morning bottle until 9.20am. I have asked for him to have this feed by08.30. Especially as it is his first fluids of the day.

3. His report sheet was not filled out properly so I have no idea if he slept or for how long and if he had anysnacks today.

I am sooo cross. Usually I would have noticed these things before leaving but my husband collected him today.

Am I being unreasonable to ring and complain tomorrow?


  • I would most definately speak to the nursery. There may have been a genuine reason for a delay in his first bottle but without the report sheet being filled in you are not advised of it. With regards to the nappies our LO's nursery (where he will go when i go back to work in May) said that they automatically change nappies every 3 hours unless they need changing prior to that time or unless the parent states otherwise. Maybe worth checking with them again what their rules are on nappy changes. However it does sound like from what you've said that you've already spoken to them about nappy changes and that he needs to be changed more regularly so they should comply with that. Hope you get some answers when you speak to them tomorrow. x
  • Is the sheet normally filled in properly? if it is i would mention it and ensure they understood that I wasn't happy... but i wouldn't complain about that aspect.

    I would be speaking to them about the other aspects, but then again not necessarily complaining if it had never happened before. i am the kind of person that doesn't "complain" the 1st time something happens... i always mention it 1st in a polite but firm way and then if it happens again i kick up a fuss.
  • I don't think you're being unreasonable at all. You need to be happy that you're leaving your child in responsible hands.

    My son goes to nursery from 8am to 5.30pm and is also in reusable nappies. They generally change him 3 or 4 times during the day and have specific nappy changing times unless they spot a poo in between. Are they familiar with the type of nappy he has? Maybe you just need to talk to them.

    Regarding the food, do they give him breakfast? My LO has breakfast when he first gets to the nursery and then a bottle later. Sometimes my LO has a nap and sleeps through his bottle. Have you asked whether this is the case?

    Actually, the solution to both these thing is communication. They really need to write all this stuff down for you. Do you know whether this is an Ofsted requirement? Maybe it's something you can look up.

    Good luck. X
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