Is it worth getting a bumbo?

Hi all my son is 14 weeks and is trying to sit up on his own. When me or hubs gently pull his arms he lifts himself up and looks so pleased.

He has a bouncer but i wondered if these were worth the money?



  • I have one which I keep meaning to put on ebay - not really used it tbh I know people who love them but mine is getting sold lol dont buy new tho they are all pastic and easy to wipe clean x
  • I got mine off Ebay for about ??9. Finley has hardly used it and didn't seem to really take to it although i did pop him in it the other day! I'm glad i didn't buy one new but for ??9 i think it has served it's purpose if only on a few occasions. x
  • We used ours a lot when we started weaning DD (at 21 weeks) as she was too small to sit up properly in the high chair. At 9 months I still use it if we go to see a friend who doesn't have a high chair. I paid ??15 on ebay including the tray.
  • Never had one with DD1, when I tried her in one at baby group she hated it. DD2 however was like your LO. I got one off ebay and she liked it for about 6-8 weeks and that was it. It is now back on ebay. I am so glad I didnt pay full price for one. Do you know anyone who has one that you could try out first?
  • Mothercare will let you try it out in store - that's what I did with my LO. They had one out so I sat him in it. He likes his but won't sit in it for very long as it is quite restrictive. It is useful for taken to my mums though as we are weaning and they don't have a high chair there.

  • I bought a new one from Mothercare and wish I hadn't - DD only used it a handful of times. I am hoping I will get more use out of it with #2! Definitely try them out in one and buy one second hand x
  • I think Bumbos are like marmite, babies either seem to love or hate them! We had ours passed on from my cousin and ds seemed to like it a lot (again we used it for weaning before he was big enough to go in the highchair). the only downside was that he was often sick in it and I think that's because they are a bit doubled up? It might be worth getting one on ebay and you can always sell it on again if your baby doesn't take to it x
  • Try before you buy! My dd was like yours - trying to sit up all the time (and sat unaided at 20 weeks). She liked it for a couple of weeks, but then started trying to escape from it, so it had to go away. I did try once to feed her in it, but she nearly got out so I ddin't use it after that.

    We didn't pay full price, but I do regret buying it. I've put it in the loft for the next one, but I'm still considering selling it.
  • Thanks girlies mite gv it a miss then. Havent got ebay.

  • we borrowed one off my cousin and it was only really used for weaning cuz he was a bit small to sit in his high chair x
  • we've used ours loads! we used to sit her in it with some toys on her tray before she was able to sit up by herself. Now she has most of her meals on it as, even at eight months, she is still a bit small for her highchair ( the straps are way too loose on the smallest setting so we have to put a big cushion behind her back!)
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