Car seats, does anyone know if.... take your car & car seat to Halfords if they will check to make sure it in correctly even ig you haven't bought it there.

We've followed instructions but it just doesn't feel sturdy IYKWIM.

I'm just a bit edgy about driving around without having it checked but don't want to drive all that way & them tell me to PFO!

Thanks x


  • Not sure about Halfords but I know that your local fire station will do it (I'm in Scotland but would think they would be the same everywhere) I think most places will be quite understanding and help you even if you didn't buy it there x
  • Thanks for replies guys, I spoke to Halfords & they said as long as it a make they are familiar with (Britax) they will check it for free even it didn;t buy it there.

    The seat is a stage 3 one (i think) a front facing one that sits upright. It moves if you wiggle it & i'm just using mums intuition which tells me to get it checked!
  • halfords checked our for free and we didnt buy it there x
  • Halfords checked mine for free at the weekend. Good job I listened to my mummies intuition cos it was indeed loose! image

    I can't beleive how it varies up & down the country as to whether you get charged or not.

    Just like midwifery care I guess!
  • Most councils will have a road safety officer who will be trained to fit/check car seats and will do so free of charge. TBH I wouldn't trust halfords to put a goldfish in a bowl for me, their fitters are not well trained and when I bought a seat there for DD it was fitted incorrectly and I had to redo it and show him how it was done.

    My council run regular car seat safety roadshows where they have a big gazebo in the Asda car park and you can get your car seat fitted, general safety advice and a free pack with activities and toys for bigger kids. They're excellent, if your council doesn't do them then lobby them to start! We got sent stats after we had our seat checked and of all the car seats checked on the day, 92% were fitted incorrectly or unsuitable for the way they were being used!
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