Couple of BLW Q's

Hi, couple of things playing on my mind about BLW which I could do with some reassurance about.

First thing is, at the minute, I don't strictly offer Finley food at every meal or snack time. Some days I might give him some food just once, other days much more often than this. It all depends what we're doing, what's on the menu and if he's sleeping etc. He's not quite 6months (but been doing BLW for over a month as he's pretty advanced and was able) so is this ok that sometimes he doesn't have much food? I appreciate the more chances he gets to practice the quicker he'll get the hang of it.

Also, for those doing it or who have done it.. what approach did you use for saucy/sloppy foods such as caseroles, curry, bolognais etc.. did you let them use their hands or pre-loaded spoon? I've only done pre-loaded spoon twice with Finley, and he was very good with his aim, getting it into his mouth etc. He's tried bolognaise with his hands but it's difficult to eat out of a clenched fist... and then of course theres the messy aspect of it!

Final thing is, obviously I try to offer him what ever we're eating and let him taste lots of different things. But I was wondering what other think of sweet foods/puddings at this age/stage? When weaning my DD the puree way, I was very strict with sweet things and she was much older, say 9months before she had biscuits or cake etc. Do you think I should just go ahead and let him try it if I'm having it? A friend offered him a biscuit this morning and I said no... but it made me think!

Thank you in advance! XX


  • Hi there, we have done blw since 24 weeks, she is now 12months. At not quite 6 months, food is really just for exploring and tasting so don't worry about how much you give him. Just go with the flow, I'm sure if you've not given him some and he wants it he'll soon tell you.

    As for more sloppy foods, I try not to make them too sloppy iykwim, but she still uses her hands for these, I love watching her eat spag bol, she so good at sucking up the spaghetti and has the sauce all over her face, its messy but she enjoys it. Obviously some things, soup etc, will need a spoon and my lo will usually quite happily take food off a spoon, sometimes she does it herself but if she's feeling lazy she just opens her mouth and waits for me to do it.

    For desserts we usually give her fruit as she can pick that up herself, but she'll also have yoghurt or rice pudding, agian sometimes I spoon feed her and others she'll do it herself. As for biscuits etc, I still don't give her normal biscuits but get the baby ones, less sugar etc. But I may be being a bit precious about that, I know other mums that give normal biscuits to babies the same age, but I just think they will have plenty of time for things like that when they are older and know what they are.
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