Gender scan results, How true were they?

G/C from DIF.

Hello ladies, I was wondering if you asked at your 20 week scan the gender of your babies, how accurate were they?

My sonographer appeared to have no sense of humour and when I asked she gave me the speech about it not being 100% etc, and then said "There appears to be no sign of gonads" image

What a bizarre way to tell me she thought my LO was a girl.

With only 3-5 weeks left to meet our LO I am thinking mre and more about how accurate this is, soooooo......

How accurate was it for anybody else that asked?

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me.

image Nell xx 37+1


  • Hey Nell. With my DD the sonographer just sounded very sure and even gave us a detailed tour of the relevant bits! I didn't doubt her at all. I think there is a higher chance (no idea what that stat actually is though!) of it being wrong if you're told it's a girl (incase it is a boy who is not showing what he is supposed to!).

    I'm sure mistakes are made occassionally but I've never known anyone it has happened too.

    K x
  • The scan was acurate with my DD at 20 weeks although we had a 4D scan at 33 weeks & she had no shame in flashing her noo-noo so this confirmed things.

    I have been told I have a little man on board this time & hubby said he could defo see his tinkler.

    My friend is a midwife & recently there was a baby boy dressed in pink on her ward so it does happen!!

    She said it's true that with girls it's harder to be sure cos the 'gonads' could still be waiting to drop - then again I guess with a boy it could be the cord instead of the willy!!
  • Our scan was accurate! I was convinced it was going to be wrong lol our sonographer didn't sound too convinced at all - she was like 'well it LOOKS like a boy'. I have heard more cases of it being accurate than not - but they do make mistakes.

  • i was told my DS was a boy at 20 weeks and there was no doubt in my mind as the sonographer showed us and there were definite boy bits sticking out!

    the sonographer also told us that they're right 9 times out of 10 but most of the ones that are wrong were told they were girls.

    i do know someone who was told she was having a girl and only found out it was a boy at a later scan that she had due to complications so it does happen.

  • We were told with ds1 he was a boy (dh actually saw boy bits on screen before the sonographer told us) and ds2 we were told definitely a boy. My sister and sister in law and 2 cousins (all have 5 kids between them) were told they were having girls and all had girls, one woman I work with was told 2 boys and had 2 boys and another was told boy and she had a boy. So out of 10 babies they were all what the sonographer said they would be image i don't actually know anyone who's has different to what the sonographer said.

    Sorry for rambling, i just thought it be useful to have a few examples, lol.

  • Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer my random, late stage of pregnancy, worry!!!

    Luckily I have lots of white/cream newborn babygros, so probably best I pack those in my bag!!

  • With both mine, eventually they did spread legs and even a non doctor eye could see it was a boy/girl. I still had doubts with girl till I had another scan at 26 weeks, but that was not because I didnt belive the sonographer, but because I just thought having a boy and a girl would be too good to be true lol! :P
  • Both of mine were accurate at 20 weeks and 16 weeks, i do have a friend who was told her little boy was a girl but she was corrected at a growth scan 2 weeks later x
  • Don't want to worry you but, I was told I was having a girl the first time, even pointed out her labia etc at the scan. Only to be told when baby was removed 'congratualtions' it's a boy!!!'

    Bit of a shock but we'd had alot of problems getting PG and had had 2 M/C and an Ectopic, so we really didn't mind. Luckily the nursery was yellow and the shops let us change most of the clothes.

    No. 2 is due in 4 weeks, have been told this one is a boy, and they gave us a big close up of his bits so we are pretty confident this time, apparantly they don't get it wrong this way round.
  • my first pregnancy they said it wa a boy and it was true,my second pregnancy (twins) they said i was having a boy/girl and they showed me the difference and they was again true
  • Soooo the mystery continues!!

    I'm not bothered either way, we already have 2 boys so another one to add to my tribe would be great. Equally a little girl would be lovely.

    The draw full of pink babygros will just have to wait and see!!

    Thanks again everyone. image
  • I've a box full of newborn blue clothes sitting in my new little girl's room :lol:

    At 20 weeks scan we were told was a boy and at a 4d scan around 28 weeks they couldn't be totally sure but said thought was a girl so I stopped shopping and decided baby's arrival was best way to see the gender- the 2nd one was right

  • Oh dear mummychop, not sounding hopeful for me then!!

    There's always ebay for the clothes :lol:

    I'll come back on here once baby is born and let you all know the result. Only 3-5 weeks to wait image

    Nell xx
  • I was told my twins were boys and they were - but it was very obviuos on the scan

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