Hi all, I wonder if anyone could help.

After this baby arrives in May I need an idiot proof form of contraception. I know at best they are all something like 99% safe but I can't get caught again!

I have always taken the pill & it let me down this time.

I was thinking of having the coil or is there somesort of device they put under your skin?

That put me off a little bit as I recall HV saying they cut a flap in your arm!!!??? But then again with the coil i've seen a few posts where people have still been caught.

Anyone with any experience of either it would be great to hear from you xxx


  • hi, there are a few options available, but also it depends on if u'll be bf...u've got the hormonal coil (don't know it's proper name), the copper coil, the pill, mini pill, implant, injection and ofc condoms....if ur bf i think that leaves just the copper coil, implant and mini pill (not sure about the injection)...the implant is the one they put in ur arm lasts 3 years and supposedly ur fertility returns to normal as soon as it's removed, which is probably what i'll be going for, and as far as i'm aware it doesn't really leave any mark, it's inserted under the skin, no flaps lol (i'm just sticking to condoms for now, not that we've done the deed yet, but want to give my body a bit of a rest from hormones for a couple fo months)...the injection (not sure if thats compatible with bf though?) is once every 12weeks, although when i used to have it they recommended once every 11weeks so that if u missed the appointment u were still covered for a week, it's just a little injection into the to of ur buttock...personally i'm not keen on the coil, but i know it's worked for some, but have also known a few women who ahve fallen preggers on it, and another hwo's coil moved and wedged itself into her womb lining and she had to have it removed, also heard that it can make ur periods heavier, longer, more painful, mid cycle bleeding etc, but for those who it does work for it lasts years (i think 3yrs, might be longer) hth x
  • Chat with the doctor or family planning clinic is your best bet to work out what is best for you.

    I went back onto the depo jab as I was before, it is fine with BFing.

  • im also on depo as i got caught with pill with my first daughter.

    I tried the copper coil and mini pill but neither agreed with me but depo seems fine image x
  • I have the implanon implant hun and its not a flap!

    The implant comes in an insertion needle that you get from the pharmacist and give to the doctor, its just a rather large hollow needle that pricks your skin then they push the impant through it...kinda like the way you get your belly button pierced when I think about it.

    They also give you some anasthetic for your arm before they insert it so you dont feel anything.

    I love the implant as its stopped my periods completely and I dont have to worry about it for 3 years whereas with the injection I have to go back every 12 weeks for a new one and Id forget that more than likely!!!
  • Thanks girls the injection defo sounds like an option.

    I won't be breastfeeding but the coil doesn't sound very reliable & quite problematic.

    I like the idea of having no periods either & being able to forget about it for 3 years.

    Very funny that you were all laughing at my flap-fear!!!

    Silly woman scaring me - I had visions of them grafting over it with skin from my arse!!

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