can I give my baby normal dilute juice?

Not sure if I can but run out and was just wondering if I couple give him some of our no added sugar dilute? Anyone know?


  • I give this to me LO, I try to give her water mostly but sugar free dilute once a day xxx
  • I wouldn't personally, it is full of artificial sweeteners which can't be good for an adult let alone a baby x
  • Hey image

    i would give him pure orange/apple juice watered down ten parts water to one part juice. This is supposed to be better for them. Hope this helps x
  • I get myself fresh orange juice for brealfast so think I'll do that. Its in a carton and not from concentrate so I suppose thats ok??
  • yep that is fine. Have a nice day x
  • Shouldn't really be giving them juice at all but diluted fruit juice is better than squash according to the HV. 10ml juice to 100ml water.
  • He does have water too but he has always been fussy with his bottles and never takes his daily amount, infact its less than half sometimes. He has been in hospital recently and went totally off his milk and would only really have juice and water. I have to get fluids into him somehow and some days its a battle. I even dilute the baby juices you can buy and always give it by a cup. I think juice a few times a week is better than a sick, dehydrated, consitpated baby!! x
  • Hi Glimmer,

    I give Blake(10 months) sugar free dilute juice a couple of times a week as he is a little pickle at not drinking water. As long as it is well watered down and baby isn't drinking it 24/7 then I imagine it is perfectly ok.

    I do the same as you and always give it in a cup!! Hope that helps

    Leeann x
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