Finger foods pre-6 months

Hi ladies,

I'm going to start weaning my little girl in a week or so when she's 5 months. We tried her on some puree's for a couple of days a couple of weeks ago but then she got a bit ill so we stopped, and she took to the puree really well, happily taking the spoon and giving herself the puree.

She's got great hand/eye coordination and I feel like if I gave her a very squidgy bit of carrot or something then she'd probably have good fun sucking on it. She's constantly grabbing at anything I eat near her and I'd just love to be able to actually let her have something that's not a puree, when we start.

Is there any reason that I can't give her a really overcooked piece of carrot stick or something at 5 months? I'm not suggesting she'll actually eat much of it, I'm just thinking that she'd probably enjoy it.

Kat x


  • I gave C finger foods as soon as I started weaning him properly at around 4 1/2 months. He managed no bother, especially things like organix carrot sticks. Now he can pick up anything and give it a go (within reason). He had very good head control and co-ordination at the time though. It's good to let them play with food, understand different textures etc even if they don't eat much xx
  • I started weaning Aila at 17 weeks on purrees moved her onto lumpy purrees after 3 weeks and gave her her 1st fingerfood at 21 weeks. Like your daughter she'd had great coordination and also had fed herself with preloaded spoons so I thought I'd give it a go. I used banana 1st then went onto carrott / sweet potato etc sticks - if you feel your lo is ready give it a go.

    My HV has said she's impressed that Aila is now feeding herself her lunch (she has fingerfood at lunch - spoon fed at tea) as it can be a real battle to get some babies to feed themselves.
  • I started with cucumber and peach sticks but take it very slowly at first.
  • we gave DD some banana and fruit in a mesh feeder thing from just before 6 months, and a few weeks on she is now feeding herself almost anything, sausages, toast, salad, anything! (lol) she doesn't always get a lot down her but she'll have a go at it and I'm sure it's because we've really encouraged her to do it. She had good head control and was sitting unaided for periods of time before we tried it though. xx
  • Thanks, I think I'll give some very well boiled carrot sticks a go then and see how she takes to them!

    She's got great head control and already sits unaided for short periods of time so in that aspect I'm not worried.

    She's also drinking from a (doidy) cup already - although with a little guidance from me - which makes me think she'll do pretty well with something like food. xx
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