Signs of food intolerance

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone know the signs of an intolerance to certain foods in babies?

My Lo is 7.5 months, we have been weaning for nearly 2 months. Since weaning he has been constipated. Has been awful sleeping waking 10 times a night because of his sore tummy.

We go to see an osteopath, she listened to his tummy and said she it sounded not what you expected, and to go to see my gp to get a hospital referal to double check obviously she is not specialised in this area....

Took him to my G.P my just told me, you can't tell anything from the sound of his tummy and to double the dose of lactulose (this was friday)

On Monday my HV told me give him purnes etc which i have. But i am getting no joy at all with the constipation. He has the odd sips of water/juice (he hates it), i have watered down his milk, increased Lactulose, given him prunes, put him back on basic puree's, and it just seems to get worse and worse. He was in so much pain last night. Nothing seems to be working!!!

To top it of his eczema has got worse since taking the prunes.

I just wonder if he is intollerant to something. I suffer which eczema and suffer food alergys.




  • sounds more likely to be the lack of fluids tbh especially as u say he only has odd sips as he doesn't like he's on solid food he really needs to have fluids (other than milk) with meals and inbetween too, so a good 2-3 cups through out the day, atleast,more if it's warmer weather...also food intolerance is most likely to go the other way and produce diorrhea (sp?, and as there appears to be no other signs of intolerance it does seem to be more a lack of fluids thng (well, perhaps sytop the prunes as they seem to be iritating him more)...try watering down normal apple/orange juice, maybe freeze it into ice cubes/poles to get it into him, try differnt types of cup/spout/teat too to see if that encourages him to drink more...sorry if that's not much help...if ur still worried about an intolerance get ur gp to refer u to a paed and for some testing...maybe keep a food diary along with any symptoms so u might be able to spot something?...hth x
  • hi, i agree with wowbaby. can i ask how you are offering your lo fluuids? lizzie wouldnt take anything from a sippy cup to begin with and was getting consipated so i just gave it to her in a bottle, yes i know its not good for teeth but having a sore tummy isnt good either. i use to use cooled boiled water (so it was still warm) and put some fresh orange juice in there (you only need a small bit). may be worth a try??

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