Please could you recommend a bouncy chair?

DS is nearly a month old and i'd like to get him a bouncy chair. Does anyone have one that their lo loves?


  • I have this one and love it:

    You can get if from several places - I think Boots and John Lewis have it too.

    I wanted a fairly simple one that doesn't vibrate, although I know they get some good reviews too. The toy bar is fab, and can hang other toys on it too - keeps lo amused rather than just sitting there watching me shower in a morning! My son loved it and now his baby sister is getting good use out of it.

    It doesn't have a head support and is quite 'upright', but if your lo is already a month old it should be fine - and imo it lasts then til they're older than the ones that really recline.
  • I would highly recommend a Baby Bjorn Babysitter chair, they're pricier (best price on Amazon) but they last until bubs is 2, and you can get a toy bar and a cosy cover thing to go with it if you want - very simple, three position settings and fit in nicely. xxxxx
  • I've got a fisher price link-a-do's rocking chair which is brilliant! My lo didn't like his bouncing chair (the cosatto jolly jelly one funnily enough) but I wanted to get one that would last him. This one rocks rather than bounces but its got a vibrate function and a toy bar and it can be used as a toddler chair too. Best buy so far for us!

  • We have the fisher price baby to toddler rocker - similar to the one plumduff has. It has several different settings and lasts up to the aghe of 2 - has a vibrate too.

    My mum got a bouncer for at her house and he really never to took to it at all.

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