Help with baby beef stew

Hi can anyone help, i'm a pretty crap cook & just need some help with the basics of beef stew cos all the bloody recipies I read are different.

Forgetting the veg do I coat the beef in flour then fry it in oil or simmer in water / stock?

Would you then add veg & leave it in the pan or stick it in the oven to casserole.

God i'm useless!



  • I'd start by frying onions in oil, then coat the beef in flour and add it to the onions. Make sure all the beef is browned and then add veg/stock. Doesn't matter if you leave on the hob or casserole it in the oven, whichever is easiest for you. But whichever I do, I tend to do for several hours, so that the beef is so tender it falls apart. HTH xx
  • I make my good ole Irish stew. Fry onions in a pot then add mince & beef pieces & fry until cooked. Throw in potatoes, carrots & parsnips & add boiling water until you can just see it coming up through the veg. Simmer for a good couple of hours & add a little bit of gravy & tomato pur????e. Then mash, my Dd loves it!!
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