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I posted this in "pregnancy" however it's probably a better question for you ladies who have babies.

Having an "hormonal" stress about sterilisers and just wondered who had brought what and what kind - I dont have a microwave so would either be an electric/steam or cold water DIY. Just read on BE front page that you only need to sterilise bottles until baby is about 6mths old so just wondering whether to get an electric steriliser or whether I could make do with cold water...although does seem to be more hard work. Could you give me any recommendations?

Thanks in advance



  • we have a basic Mothercare Steam Steriliser which has done the job, we can fit about 4 of our Dr Browns bottles and bits into it, it takes about 5 minutes to do the job then a few minutes to cool down before you touch the bottles. We also have a few Lindam microwave steriliser bags which we use if staying with family etc rather than cart the steriliser. Having said that we took Milton Tablets to a hotel recently and did DD's bottles in the sink, and it really wasn't that much faff! I don't think I'd want to do it all the time though. Kind of confused by what you read too, as I thought bottles had to be sterilised til baby was 1, due to milk in the teats and bacteria etc but everything else you can stop at 6 months? DD is 30 weeks and we still sterilise all her bottles. xxx
  • We have the tommee tippee close to nature electric one to go with their bottles.

    It is very convenient - just sits on our worktop. Sterilies 6 bottles at a time and takes about 15 minutes and then some cooling time.

    I woud definitely recommend getting an electric steriliser rather than the DIY kind as it can be quite time consuming as it is!

    Tennison - I also read that you can stop sterilising at 6 months.

  • We have a TT steam steriliser and it's great, I don't think it even takes 15 minutes. I would personally always sterilise bottles due to the risk with bacteria in milk on the teats - which are hard to clean very thoroughly with just hot water/soap. I'd not bother sterilising non-milk related items after 6 months though. x
  • We have the tt steam steriliser too... It is good convenience wise, but the hot plate on the bottom gets all grimey & caked in limescale. This started at about 3 months! We buy boots steam steriliser descaler sachets that work a treat, but it's worth mentioning as before we noticed bits of grime would evaporate into the bottle & teats x
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