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I'm due to go back to work next month when DS will be 6 months old. At Christmas I went on a hunt for a childminder and after seeing a few, found one that I liked and all her reports were glowing plus she was an older lady with over 20 years experience and currently looks after 3 other little boys part-time throughout the week. I called her the other day to get a few details about setting up childcare vouchers and found her to be pretty hard work on the phone and she came across almost like she couldn't be bothered.

Since then I've been worrying if I'm doing the right thing about sending my son to her. I had ruled out a nursery as I wanted more one-to-one contact however I've been going to baby massage classes at my local nursery and all the staff seem so lovely and the atmosphere seems really great and the kids happy. The one plus to a nursery is DS will grow up socialising with other children but most nursery staff are quite young girls which does slightly worry me?!

For a 6 month old do you think nursery or a childminder is better? Do you think I maybe feeling a bit sensitive about the childminder as the realisation of having to leave DS next month is starting to hit home?! I don't know if I'm just being silly or not! Or if i should listen to this niggly feeling i now have about the childminder! xx


  • I personally went for a nursery due to the fact that he would have more interaction with other children. Also he would have more access to different activies, outdoor play, trips etc. DS has got 6, hour long sessions at nursery before he starts on 14th Feb - I have sat in during some and he has recently been going alone for an hour. The ratio is 1 staff to 3 babies and what I have seen I am very happy with.

    That is not to say that he wouldn't be treat correctly etc. at a childminders - it was just a personal choice of mine.

    I also personalyl think you can't be too sensitve when it comes to your child. You ahve to be happy with the choices you have made and comfortable with where he will be all day. Have you spoken to OH about your feelings?

    Hope you sort it all out.

  • I think that ultimately that is a question only you can answer.

    My hubby was dead set against a childminder but I wasn't so sure. I was planning to go back when dd was 9 months (would have been Monday!!!) and was really worried about sending her to a nursery at that age. But I saw the social benefits in sending a toddler there, so was really stuck. I'd have liked a childminder up to the age of about 1, but nursery thereafter but I also wanted my dd to have continuity of care.

    In the end we agreed that I could take 12 months off and we would look for a nursery. I found one I loved, family run, pretty small, plenty of outside space, pets, staff that had worked there for 10 years + etc etc. And now I'm not so anxious about her going there as I know she will be well looked after. But it was totally a personal decision and what suits my dd may not suit other babies.
  • We have also gone for nursery, again for the social interaction and the vast array of things there is for her to do there. A lot of the staff are quite young there but it hadnt crossed my mind as an issue, what is it that worry's you about it?
  • I guess alot comes down to cost too?

    On the flipside to what the others have said .

    My mum has been a childminder for over 20 years & I have seen the benefit of that home from home environment.

    My sister did a childcare course & was horrified by some of the things she saw in the nurseries but I really do think you have to trust your motherly instincts.

    I cant understand why the childminder might have been so flippant - they tend to like full time hours that don't involve school runs. It's stuff my mum says other childminders moan about & they can be a bit picky & choosy -they want it easy!
  • My DD is going to my mum, but I had kind of made up my mind on a childminder rather than nursery if possible, before I knew that - again, based on personal instinct rather than anything rational! I had found one locally I liked too before mum announced she was retiring, sounds similar in age and experience to your one. I think if I was you, I'd nip round to see her again and see what you think face to face. You will be feeling sensitive, and it's so hard on the phone, she may have been stressed out, busy, just have a crap phone manner but be lovely in person etc etc - or you may be right and you're picking up on something that you aren't going to like - if it was me I'd find a reason to go back round there with DS and suss it out and reassure myself. xxx
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