3D Scan - Babybond 'v' Peek a View Please help (GC FROM PREGNANCY)

Hi Ladies

I am looking for some advice please. I am looking to get a 3d scan at 26 weeks. I got my scan on monday at 22 weeks but it was a consultant led scan as i was born with a hole in my heart and was very clinical and precise so didnt just get to see baby as such. All is fine with bubs but would now like a scan just to see him/her. I dont want to sex and want nothing from the scan other than the pleasure of seeing my baby. I was going to go to peek a view scanning in glasgow but have heard mixed reviews but this was more down to accuracy of gender which i dont want they offer 30 mins scanning for ??120 whilst baby bond wont give me an approximate length of scan saying whatever is necessary (which i dont get as scan is not necessary at all its just for pleasure?) so dont want to pay ??140 for 10 mins. Can anyone give me some advise? any first hand experience? or indeed another company in glasgow/edinburgh region?

Any help would be appreciated x


  • I had a 3D scan with BabyBond at about 27 ish weeks (I think). It was in Essex and, although it was fab to see LO, I was actually really disappointed with the service. Bearing in mind you pay a lot of money for this I was expecting we'd be given a bit of a guided tour! But no, she just kind of let us watch the screen for a while (I think about 25/30 mins all in all). I have been completely put off to the point where I had an early scan with #2 a couple of weeks ago and avoided BabyBond like the plague. I'm sure it depends on your sonographer but I was sufficiently peeved not to use them again!

    HTH K x
  • We had a 3D scan with Baby Bond and ours was vey like Kayecee's.

    I too expected a guided tour but the woman barely said a thing. Just let us watch bubs on the screen. It was lovely to see him and we got some great pictures but I was disappointed.
  • I had 3d scans at babybond with both my babies & I was very pleased, with dd we had a detailed report done, got some fab pictures & was in there for about an hour all in all. With DS he was in an awkward position & after being scanned for 45 mins it was agreed that we would go back 2 days later, we did eventually get some great pictures & again a detailed health report image hth xx
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