swimming (also in breastfeeding)

We want to take LO swimming but i'm still breastfeeding. What do i use so don't leak everywhere since breastpads obviously wont help.

Also can anyone recommend a baby inflateable, preferably with a seat, to help her float?




  • I dont use anything hun ad it isnt a problem for me but if you are worried I have seen some rubbery breast pads in boots that stops the flow. When I ue the public pool I dont put her in anything floaty its not all that warm so she will be colder out of the water. I have a frirend with a heated in door swimming pool and I have a Zoggs inflatable chair. It says for 18 - 24 months but she loves it and it has`a seat back she can hold her head though xx
  • these are great


    I got mine in boots image
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