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weaning - transporting home made food?

DD is now on three meals a day - breakfast tends to be toast/cereal/fruit etc so not too bad if we're out as can just order her something, tea is mainly baby led/finger foods, but lunch tends to be her biggest meal and quite 'spoon' feedy! I have been giving her Ella's or Hipp jars when out and about at baby groups etc for ease (she can't last much beyond 1130am for her solids and most of our groups run 1030-1130/12) - I would like to be able to give her some of our home made cooking (though not sure she agrees, lol!) and wonder how you guys transport home made purees/mashed foods or if you do? We have a freezer compartment full of cubes of fruit/veg/meat purees in freezer bags etc and that's all she gets at home generally, with maybe some plain yoghurt, but not sure how to transport these things safely without them defrosting etc? And the faff of defrosting them as well as heating a bottle in the middle of a baby group is putting me off! Am I being thick/lazy what do you all do?


  • If we're going out I would take the purrees out of the freezer about 2 hours before we'll need them - AK book says to defrost overnight in fridge or if you forget just to defrost at room temp for a couple of hours. If there's a microwave where T will be eating it would make things easier I suppose as that way you know its thawed properly and heated properly.

    Aila has her meals the other way around, finger foods for lunch and purrees for tea so its easy to transport toast or a sandwich in a wee tub.
  • hmmm see she doesn't eat a lot with finger foods though she has a really good go at it and I'm really keen for lunch to be her biggest meal for a variety of reasons - don't think baby group would microwave her food they usually refuse on Health and Safety grounds......
  • I defrost what I need for the next day overnight in the fridge.

    I have a loads of individual pots with lids that are just the right size.

    However if we are out & about I usually take a jar or a pouch for ease.

    It does my head in when foody places say then don't have microwaves & you have to wait 10 yrs for it to heat in hot water. I don't beleive for one second they don't have a microwave in Morrisons canteen!

  • lol I know, our baby group has a cafe in the front (it's run in a community church) and you can SEE the microwave from the counter but they're not allowed to do it in case of hot spots etc as the offical advice is not to microwave baby food or milk to heat it up. I suppose I could try defrosting the night before and taking in a cool bag, but she'd still need it well heated up then cooled down again while I'm there so I think I may just stick with pouches as I don't want to spend half my time at baby group ignoring her while I prepare her food and drink, lol!
  • We're usually at Someones house if it's at tea time so use their microwave not so handy at groups I guess, we were out once at tea time and we heated it inboiled water but it does take an age!
  • I was wondering about this too but then a girl at one of my groups heats her lo's food at home in the micro to very hot then wraps in a nappy (apparently you can get special tubs to keep warm but nappy works just as good!) and then she takes it out a little while before she needs it so it's cooled a bit.

    Our groups Lind of fit in between Freddies mealtimes so not too bad but I usually go with pouch/jar too for ease x x
  • I have just bought a Coolkidz thermos, its basically a thermos food pot. You heat it with boiling water before putting the warmed food in and it stays warm for 5 hours.
  • thanks I'll look that up xx
  • I was going to suggest the little thermos too - I'm on baby no2 and it's the only thing I can find - so you heat the food at home and it keeps it hot. I've not got one yet (with my eldest I did tend to just take Ella's pouches til he could manage finger foods, but we didn't go out every day like we do now) - but have done a fair amount of looking, and probably will get one:

    Oh, and it's not tiny, the reviews say you can use it to eg take soup to work with you - so you might get more use out of it than just baby food.
  • thanks girls, looked it up on Amazon and will deffo get a couple when I've got the cash xx
  • I switched the meals round to make life a bit easier- so she has finger foods for lunch and a spoon-fed meal for tea, so much easier to pack up her little lunch bag (??1 from the poundshop lol) with rice cakes, breadsticks, cheese, banana, Organix snacks etc! image x
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