fao annbop

Just realised who you are - HI! x


  • Hey summer, hope all is good with you. I changed my name a while back, thought a new pregnancy deserved a new change. I do try and keep a track of some of your posts but to be honest don't come on as much since they changed it and I never know whether I should be in pregnancy, baby, toddler, BID09 or DIJune11!

    Take care, good luck with the ttc, really hope it happens soon for you xx
  • OMG - i didnt even know you were pg again! Congratulations - we are trying again, same problems image but we have given our selves a time limit. So when we get to May (22nd to be exact) we are leaving it just the 3 of us!

    I agree it seems different now it has changed - still pop on most days though!
  • sorry for crashing! I think I am right in thinking Annbop was L***o?

    If so hi hun!!! Congrats on the new pregnancy and guess what..... so am I!!!! Due in Sept!!!

  • As I'm now 38 (yikes) we thought we'd better go for it and try again, just in case it took years. We got very lucky and fell very quickly, so now we are faced with an 18 month gap, which I think I've got my head around.

    Summer - I've everything crossed it happens well in advance of May 22nd, you certainly deserve it!! Can't help but feed my addiction to this site either, despite the changes LOL xx

    Rache1983 - You've got it right, congratulations on your news, doesn't seem 2 minutes since we were in ttc together and now we're in our 2nd pregnancy! Really hope you are keeping well xx
  • I am good thanks hun due in sept and my dd will be 16 months!!! I am very very scared but it was a happy accident and after taking 13months to conceive first time we are lucky to be preg again!!

    Good luck hun


    Good luck summer I have everything crossed for you!!!
  • thank you ladies - you can keep your legs firmly closed for the next few months and well..... i shall keep mine open!!!!!

    Really hope i get their soon! Got peak on cbfm today so at least i ovd this month.

    Cant believe after all that time first time round this time was a happy accident - that is just brilliant Rachel.

    Exciting times x
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