Question for teachers about maternity pay

Hi all,

Just a quick question - I'm currently on maternity leave and am returning to work in July for 3 days before term ends. Just wondering if anyone knows when I will recieve my normal pay? I presume end of August pay will be completely normal but what about the end of July pay - will I just get smp plus the last 2 weeks of July as full pay? or just my smp?

Thanks for any help!


  • I going back for the last week of term and am expecting to get smp for first 2 weeks and then normal pay for last 2 weeks and back to normal in august, think i will check with my hr dept though just to be sure xxx
  • Thank you - I will check with HR but just trying to plan ahead and budget!
  • you will be paid SMP and then normal from the date you return so e.g. (based on term dates where i am based in leicestershire)

    you return on the 13th July for the last 3 days of term so school breaks up on the 15th. you will be paid SMp until the 13th and then 13th onwards you will be paid the full wage!

    hope that helps xx
  • yes thats right. you do know you dont actually have to go back? you can return to work on the first day of the holidays if you want to, so full pay over summer anyway. i was originally gong to go back on the first day of the xmas hols, but decided to go back 2 days before to get work done. and to ease my way i. another option is to go back to workon the fiest day of the holidays, but do a couple of kit days before the end of term (which wll be paid, but check with hr) as kit days are off timetable.
  • Yep the ladies are right!

    MrsB27 where abouts are you in Leicestershire? I'm from here!

  • I live near Leicester Forest East, but work in Lutterworth. How about you?
  • I live in wigston but I work in Coventry so bit of a trek to work for me! I go back in 2 weeks and I'm so not looking forward to it!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
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