Could you please list...

...what finger foods you have given your LO! After all the nerves and questions on here I finally took the plunge an started with finger foods last week! Eve is LOVING it!

So far I've tried,


Toast, with butter, with Humous and a tiny tiny bit of marmite!

Carrot batons with Humous!


Pitta bread


I'm wanting to try scrambled egg but would I use normal cows milk or her formula? Also would you give your LO strips of chicken and other meats?

Could you list what you give as finger foods so I have a few mire ideas!





  • Hey you!

    A few that my LO has had:

    Rice cakes

    Bread sticks

    Mandarin, peaches, pear apple (all tinned in fruit juice)

    Dried apricots





    Cheese triangles

    I have given her scrambled egg but she'd not too keen. I did use cow's milk (you only need a splash).

    Glad it's going well! x
  • Most of the above, strawberries (which you can't get back off her, lol!) cauliflower florets, bits of baked potato, toasted cheese, kiwi fruit slices (another massive hit!) mini sandwiches with tuna or cheese (rolled down to make them flatter), the Organix rice cakes when out and about which she loves too, partic, the raspberry and blueberry flavour. Baby corn on the cob.

    oh, and home made skinless sausages - perfect for it! we found the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook fantastic for ideas for finger foods for all meals of the day xx
  • I forgot - sweet potato wedges are a favourite here! Just cut wedges, use a tiny little bit of oil and then bake for about 10-15 mins x
  • A few others (can't remember them all!):

    Orange segments (they had no pips in and we cut the top off - she sucks the juice out and then spits the rest)

    Mini Babybel cheeses


    Mango chunks



    Eggy Bread
  • Strawberries




    Rice Cakes




    Kiwi (loved this)

    Chips (only VERY occasionally & they have been home baked in the oven)

    Not keen on bread unless toasted or scramble egg.

    I think your allowed to cook with cows milk from about 6 months, I did anyway! xxx
  • Hi glad it's going well Aila has had

    Rice cakes

    Plum slept fingers

    Ella's kitchen vanilla and milk cookies

    Loads of fruit / veg fingers mentioned above along with brussel sprout, clementine segments which she has whole, halved grapes, raisins

    Turkey strip

    Chicken strip ( both at Christmas she loved it also tried beef but it was a bit tough for her)

    Toast soldiers

    Various sandwiches cut into soldiers and squashed

    Strips of omelette using cows milk which is fine for cooking

    That's all I can think of just now
  • Am getting really bored with my finger food list so will be looking for more ideas lol, but have tried;

    Rice cakes (loves them)

    Breadsticks (Plum)

    Organix snacks (adores the carrot ones but have to limit them!)

    Carrot fingers

    Broccoli spears

    Jacket potato (scoop out potato and mix with e.g. cheese, tuna and then let the mess commence lol)

    Cheese fingers

    Soft cheese on rice cakes/bread

    Melba toast


    Wafer thin ham

    Quarters of tomato


    Cucumber fingers

    Grated cheese and carrot mixed together

    Dips e.g. guacomole/humus that she could dip fingers/food into (sort of lol)

    Scrambled egg

    Fish fingers (without batter)


    Cheese on toast fingers

    Brain gone dead..... :roll:
  • Im trying to think of less obvious ones my lo has...

    I make homemade pizza for him which he loves

    Quesidillas (sp) which is a tortilla type toastie...You put one tortilla in the frying pan and toast it, turn it over and put cheese in it and ham if you want and then more cheese and another tortilla. Flip it over once the cheese melts on one side and toast untill the cheese is melted on the other.

    I also buy the birdseye steamed veg bags and give DS half of one of them - his fave is the peas carrots and runner beans bag.

    You could also try baking mini muffins? There are lots of savoury options. I havent tried any myself yet but I have a recipe for tomato and feta ones I want to give a go.

    If you shop in ASDA they have a massive range of already prepared fruit like melon slices and pineapple fingers which are up to a ??1 cheaper than the other supermarkets. DS loves these and its brilliant because you can buy a big selection for a lot less. Plus when hes teething melon is a godsend.

    Hope that helps xx
  • Here you go, gorgeous! I printed this list out and laminated it (saddo) and stuck it to my kitchen cupboard, along with the HiPP weaning guide thing, and referred to it loads. Obviously, not everything is perfect from 6 months onwards, but you know Eve bestimage

    Em x
  • Oh what a fab list! Finley is just starting on finger foods and i'm struggling with what i can offer him. Think i'll also print off and laminate the list to put on my fridge. Then it's a trip to the local shop me thinks! x
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