Play gyms

I'm looking to buy another play gym for my girls as they are now too big to share the one we have

this is what we've got:

they love the flashing, musical flower, they have to wiggle to make it move, then it starts making the noise and lights. I can't seem to find another playmat that has this feature and really we'd like something different rather than 2 of the same.

Any recommendations?


  • We had just a cheapy from Tesco that my sister gave us but I wish we had a more 'plush' one as it got so much use when she was little would have been nice to be more stimulating.

    At a group we went to, she used to like the Fisher Price Rainforest ones. Might be worth a look?

  • ooo thanks, i saw that before but never noticed it had the lights, silly me, thats perfect xx
  • can't recommend the Lamaze space symphony with the moving arches enough, we have got so much use and will defo be storing it in case no 2 comes along!
  • We have 2 of the rainforest ones for our boys. They LOVE them. They are great as you can easily change the toys on them and music,jungle sounds and lights are great.

    An excellent buy!

  • with the jungle ones, are the lights just on constant, or is there a setting where bubs has to make the thing move for it to go off as they really seem to like this on their current one

    will look into the lamaze space one too

    thanks x
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