Please help - projectile vomiting since started weaning

Hi ladies,

I wonder if you can help. My LO is 21 weeks, and I started weaning her a couple of weeks ago. The first 2 weeks, she took just little tastes of food, and still drunk all of her bottles.

This week, she has started to eat much more, opening her mouth and leaning forward when I am feeding her food, and she really enjoys it. I tend to feed her about halfway through when she needs a bottle, so she eats 2 hours after her last bottle, so 2 hours before her next one.

I have been taking the bottle out of her mouth more often just to check if she still needs to drink it. Some bottles she guzzled, other ones she will leave a quarter or so.

She only has 2 meals a day, one in the morning,and one in the afternoon.

These last few days, she has started projectile vomiting. I'm not e en sure it is linking to the food, as she done it at 6am this morning, on an empty tummy after going to bed at 7 with a full tummy.

My OH and I have noticed that her wee tummy is a little bit swollen, but she has had 2 dirty nappies today and lots of wet ones.

What do you ladies think? Is it just a weaning thing, and her tummy getting used to the food, or do you think I should phone NHS 24? I just feel if I phone NHS 24 they will check on wet and dirty nappies, which she is having plenty of, and ask if she is ok in herself, and she is.

Just not sure. Poor wee baby. Being sick does not faze her at all! But it worries me. Any advice would be much appreciated xxx
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