FAO LinziMc

Just curious as to whether you ever found out who the father of your child was?

Or whether you ever found the decency to admit your deceit to him?


Would be interesting to know.


  • i was wondering this too, but i dont think she should have told him if it turned out the baby was his! no good can come from knowing.
  • hmmm have to admit Ive thought about this before too..I agree with Renee xxx
  • I dont really think its our place to be nosey. If she wanted 'us' to know she would have probably posted. I think the OP agrees beings as they have created a new accout to post this.
  • i know a lot of people thought the right thing was to own up, but i just cant see how that helps. and before any one questions my morals, ive not had an affair whilst married thats not why i dont think she should tell hubs.
  • junie its a forum! if you post the ins and outs of your personal life to strangers you have to expect them to wonder about the outcome!
  • but when she origionally posted about it she did so under a fake account ... and then slipped up. and just coz its a forum dosnt make it your business. She may well not mind you asking but what if she does???
  • I agree that this is none of our business and I think a post like that is sheer bearbaiting. Shame on you OP. That was purely uncalled for.
  • well, if she does then you've got to be more careful about what details of your life you share on the internet!
  • well, if she does then you've got to be more careful about what details of your life you share on the internet!
  • that still dosnt make it any of your business!!!
  • I don't understand the problem; you post your crap on a public board, people are bound to be interested. Naughty naughty probably followed the thread with interest and was curious to know if it had resolved. I didn't follow it initially but it has piqued my interest now. Give the op a break. Fora are for nosey people afterall!
  • no. forums are for support and advice. What if she hadnt said anything to her OH. Was on pc/laptop, saw a post FAO for her and opened it right in front of her OH. Its HER life (right or wrong on her behalf) and if she wanted you to know then surely she would post. Im not gonna carry on on this thread now coz I dont wanna get involved in arguments.
  • i missed this too don't know how as at the time was never bloody off be not on so much now as it seems a lot quieter, suppose it is just human nature to be curious and more so when the 'story' is a stranger ktwj

    unrelated directly to above but jk was on the other day and was saying that a study conducted said that 1 in 10 fathers are raising a child that is not their own and they don't know but I bet that many who would find out would still be the daddy, my cousin falling into this category too (dad an arsehole who to date has shown no interest in 29 years) thanks for the jip mate but your daddy skills are shite lol
  • when people come on forums they are asking strangers to take an interst in their lives, to comment and to advise. you cant expect people to offer advice one day, then get offended when they want to know the outcome the next!

    if linzi doesnt want to answer she doesnt have to! :roll: but you cant say people are not allowed to ask!
  • Forums are also for ladies who need help and advice when they may not have someone in "reality" to turn to. Its often easier to hide behind the computer monitor to pour out what youre really thinking or are worried about....

    Trust me I'm one hell of a nosey b*tch but it still doesn't give me the right to know about the outcome for this lady! Not sure what good can come of a thread like this....
  • I dont think any of us are condoning a thread like this....but we were just saying that the thought had crossed our minds too..and while its up we may aswell just voice that we too were wondering, you cant really post something and then magically expect everyone to instantly forget it! After all if she doesnt want to tell us she doesnt have to.

    Its not like we've got a gun to her head and shouting 'if you dont tell us what happened we'll blow your brains out'...we simply said 'i was wondering too'
  • Theres nosey and downright mixing. The OP went back a full YEAR to find that piece or dutifully bookmarked it for said occaision of tossing it up. Maybe its someone Linzi knows in real life thats trying to cause trouble whow knows. Plus, the wording of her/his question is very confrontational rather than inquisitive
  • I don't think its an inappropriate thread. Its human nature to be curious!!! If she hadnt wanted anyone to know about it she wouldnt had publically posted it on to a popular (at the time) forum. I think this in itself is asking for trouble.

    I think when you read a post on here you take it in and walk away, then when your mundanely doing your chores you wonder what happened. I dont just mean the dramatic ones either.
  • i love that little dig there "popular at that time"!!!

    it is dead in here.
  • I know renee I'm rarely on here now as its so dead be really messed up when they moved everything about image such a shame too image
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