My 6 week old baby boy has a cough and cold :-(

Besides saline drops, does anyone know if there's anything else he can have or I can do to help him?

I'm going to put a bowl of water over the radiators to moisten the air but not sure what else I can do?

I do have a snot thingy (sorry don't know what they're called!) in my Tommee Tippee grooming set, could anyone tell me how to use this properly please.




  • Could you put a small towel or something under the head end of his moses basket to try and lift his head ever so slightly? Hope he feels better soon x
  • When my daughter had a bunged up nose I melted a little bit of snuffle babe in the water by the radiator. You're not supposed to use it on them until 3 months so I never put it in her skin or baby grow but this seemed to help.
  • Aww poor little boy - my lo had her first cold at 9 weeks and there really isn't much you can do - can't even use Calpol! Was very tough.

    We use the saline drops (fantastic things!), I tried the snot thing but found it a bit rubbish so whenever she sneezed or had a runny nose I just had to move quickly with a tissue/muslin to drag it out (yuck) lol.

    We also placed a rolled up towel under her mattress to raise it slightly, and other times we placed two books under the legs of the moses basket to tilt it slightly,it seemed to help a little.

    Hope he gets well soon xx
  • Thanks ladies for your replies. Thankfully he doesn't seem too bad at the moment but I'm expecting it to be worse for him tonight.

    I've brought some saline drops so will use them later if needed. I've also brought a Karvol plug in, it does say not to use under 3 months but I was thinking that I could put it on for half an hour before going to bed and then turning it off as someone else suggested that this would be OK?

    I noticed that he was getting a bit snuffly so I put a wet flannel on the radiator in the room which seems to have helped him.

    I think I will try and raise the mattress in his crib tonight as he has been much better when raised slightly. If I can't get the crib rasied, I was thinking of letting him sleep in his boucer as he's rasied slightly in it rather than sitting if that makes sense? Do you think this would be OK?

  • also try and put his bouncer chair in the bathroom and leave the shower running hot for 15 mins or so...the steamy room with help too.....

    lots of cuddles from Mummy and sleep is the best medicine !!!!

    DLAM xxx
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