Plum fromage frais - 4 months+?

I've seen the Plum fromage frais in the shops which look like a great idea, whole milk, fruit puree and no added rubbish. They say on the label 4 months+ though... Given babies can't have cows milk until 6 months then surely this should be 6 months+?

Is there something different with yoghurts or is it just false marketing? x


  • Hmm interesting question but I don't have the answer I am afraid! Hopefully somebody does!

  • They're just fromage frais. Lots of babyfood manufacturers state 4m+ on their foods even though weaning guidelines are 6 months generally and 6m minimum for lots of foods.

    It's up to you when you introduce it I think - if you choose to wean before 6 months you may feel happy introducing dairy before that stage. I've always thought it was slightly odd that dairy is considered a 'problem' food when so many babies drink modified cows milk from birth! DS had dairy from the off, we started weaning at 5.5 months.
  • I think I'll leave it until closer to 6 months, as she's only 5 months at the moment. To be honest we're only on day 3 so by the time she gets nearer 6 months she'll probably be ready for something like a small fromage frais after her lunch.

    Thanks x
  • My HV said to wait until 6 months before starting on yoghurt and fromage frais. From my perspective it's better to start weaning (when you want of course) on 'real' foods i.e. puree carrot/butternut squash etc and pear or banana as fruits. In my experience babies LOVE yogs and fromage frais so by giving it too early you may set a standard.

    The 4+ months thing is standard on stage 1 foods.
  • My hv said anything that says 4+ is fine if you are weaning early and won't do any harm. J has had yoghurts from 5 months and he didn't get a dodgy tummy or anything. It all depends on you and your child. J was absolutely refusing milk at the time and I felt yoghurt was more useful to him than carrots because it has calcium and protein and fat etc.
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