Snuffly, Sneezy and Coughing - 12 day old baby

Hey Ladies,

Im sure there is nothing i can do but my little boy (only 12 days old) is very blocked up and coughing etc all the time. Im sure he has his first cold (unless this is normal for a new born?!?!) its meaning that he is being sick more often obviously due to trying to clear his lungs, and he just seems uncomfortable.

Is there anything anyone can suggest or any of you ladies experienced this so young?



  • Hey

    My baby had a cold, at about the same age (shes now 6 weeks old). I looked to see if there was any vicks type stuff that I could use but its all over 3 months, the only thing I found was some saline nasal spray (the one Igot was made by calpol) and it helped to clear her up as she sneezed a lot of it out. Also you can get like nose sucker things that suck all the gunk out (but my babies nose was too small for the one we had - with the tommy tippee grooming kit thing).

    Hope this helps

  • My little boy has a cold right now and I'm doing exactly what MrsOwen has said, I have found the nose sucker to be fab, but as he's older his nose is obviously bigger.

    The other thing I would suggest is putting a wet flannel/towel on your radiator so if your heating comes on, it humidifies the air. I have also raised his crib which helped him too.

    Hope your LO feels better soon.

  • Hi,

    I used snufflebabe, similar to vicks but suitable for babies. Also bought a karvol room vapouriser, worked great for night time xx
  • my dr said that if LO nose is blocked to suck out the snot, sounds disgusting, but when he was little the snot sucker was too big for him and it worked a treat x x and helped him to breathe a bit easier x

    hope LO starts feeling better soon x
  • We had the same - hv said not a cold just trying to clear mucous out of system. I sat with my daughter in a steamy bathroom which really seemed to help clear the nose and dissolved sine snuffle babe in a bowl of water by the radiator.
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