6 month old not weight bearing....

Hey all

My little boy is 6 months old and he really isnt interested in weight bearing. He has a jumperoo and he will just stand in it. When he is on his playmat or in the bath etc he will kick his legs and there is no stopping him, but he never tries to push on my legs when I pick him up.

He has not rolled either, which Im not actually bothered about and he can sit with a little support. I know all babies progress at different ages and Im trying not to worry, but he has problems with his neck and we see a physio so I just wonder if maybe this is something I should mention, or is he just a lazy little monkey

Thanks in advance. D xxx


  • My LO would not put any weight on her legs but did get much better when she started crawling. I guess that just helped strengthen her legs generally. It can't do any harm to mention it but I suspect you have a lazy one like me! x
  • T still won't roll! she's only just starting to bear weight on her hands too when on her tummy, the only thing she has going for her physically is her sitting, lol! I try not to worry as GP says she's not! I do think T can't be arsed as she has rolled twice before, but weeks ago nowimage
  • Finley has loved standing on his feet for some time now and can now roll front to back and back to front. However he can't sit! I guess they all do different things at different times. Soon enough you won't be able to stop him! x
  • One of the babies in my antenatal group is 9.5 months and although he can sit unaided,isn't rolling or crawling. I think they all develop differently
  • Amelia loved her jumperoo from an early age but I wouldn't say she liked to stand on her own feet until she was about 9 months old and even then her legs would buckle after a while. 6 months is still early for this.

    Don't forget every baby is different. In my ante natal group we have babies crawling at 6 months (my LO doesn't at 10 months) and babies walking at 9 months which is amazing.
  • Hi,

    I don't post on here too often but i saw your post & had to just give a few pointers.

    My little girl is 2 years old & when she was 6 months was exactly the same as your little one! Alarm bells rang & i demanded to be seen by a paediatrition. My little one has Hypermobility & is only just walking. One of the first signs is being delayed with motor skills from very early on. Don't get too worried though...other than that my girl is very bright & is catching up with the other toddlers very quickly now.

    Just thought i would mention as it does help if they do get physio earlier rather than later.

    Lucy x x
  • that's really interesting lucyspoon, did a quick google there and there's things (in terms of hypermobility) ringing bells about both the way I developed physically and my DD - I have a review appt in a couple of weeks so may mention hypermobility to my GP. Thanks for the info!
  • Thank you so much ladies. I will definitely mention hypermobility to Lukes physio.

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