Any tips on what to use on her really dry skin?

Hi ladies

My LO is 5 months, and has developed a really dry patch beside her mouth on her chin, under her chin, and little dry spots on her neck.

I took her to the doc who said it was just dry skin and her skin irritated from her dribble, she dribbles and is quite a sicky baby.

She said to use E45, which I've been slapping on. It seems to have helped a tiny bit, bit it's still there, a week on.

I use Dream Cream from Lush for my dry skin and exema problems but this seemed to irritate her skin when I used it once.

Has anyone else used a cream which they would recommend to try?

Thanks ladies Xxx


  • Hiya my LO gets dry skin on his legs and stomach, I found Oilatum cream is very good, although it is quite expensive.
  • I'd have said Dream Cream! Some people find olive oil does the trick with dry skin. I've always found E45 kind of 'traps' it under loads of grease that never soaks in, but that's just me! x x x
  • Hiya, gatecrashing!

    I'd avoid anything with sodium laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl sulphate, because they are industrial cleaners. It's easier said than done though, because they are in most things. I'm not too sure about sodium trideceph sulphate, but I know people who just avoid all sulphates. Olive oil or rapeseed oil should be good, because they are natural and don't have perfumes, etc in them.

    Hope this helps image xx
  • Hi,

    I have three girls who all have seriously dry skin (two of the have eczema) and they all use Diprobase cream. It is on repeat prescription from the doc but i am sure you can get it from the chemist too if you discuss it with the pharmacist? (perhalps that's just in Scotland?)

    It is an emolient cream and we use it many times throughout the day and it never causes irritation and definately helps although does not cure unfortunately.

    Hope that helps

  • my dd gets dry patches on her knees and arms and i've found boots baby botanics moisturiser the best, could hardly tell where her dry bits were within a day of using it. it is ok to use on their little faces too x
  • Vaseline hsa been the best thing that I have used....

    DS sometimes gets a bit of dry skin on his cheeks and after a few night of rubbing it vaseline in, it's all gone

    DS also had an eye infection beginning of Jan and his eyes were watery and made the side of his eyes red raw....I used vaseline again and asked the doctor what would be best....she said that vaseline is one of the better ones as you don't want anything too strong near the eyes...

    vaseline all the way for me !!!!!

    DLAM xxxx
  • VASELINE. It's a barrier cream so will stop the dribble from settling. Wouldn't be without it.
  • I also agree with the Diprobase. My LO has really dry skin and eczema on his face. We bath him every day in Oilatum as advised by the health visitor and GP and also put the Diprobase all over his body at least twice a day and during the day as well. That seems to keep it at bay. We have it on repeat prescription too but like lmtuk said i think you can just buy it over the counter. x
  • Ummmm Johnsons do a moisturising cream in a tube that it says on the back is suitable for faces.

    I have used it on LO's face before & she was fine & the dryness soon cleared up...
  • my kids both have eczema and i cant use johnsons which is annoying as iv got loads of the stuff, but it just makes them redder! i like lush dream cream and from the doctors we have got cetraben and double base, both work really well.xx
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