25.5wk old baby still wakes 2-3times for milk

Hi Ladies

Hope someone can share experience, tell me its normal or tell me it gets better

My lovely ds used to sleep 7pm-5am before wanting a feed, to me, that was fab.

At 18wks he got a wee cold which came and went very quickly, then he had a MAMMOUTH growth spurt until 20weeks and since then, still wakes 2-3times a night for feeds.

I started him on fruit/veg pureed foods at 23 weeks simply because he was so irritable during the day, constantly wanted feeding and that side of things is going very well. He now feeds 3-4hrly in the day with porridge for breakfast, veg/fruit for lunch and similar for tea.

However, as much as i've not weaned him to get him to sleep better I did kinda thought it might help? But nope.........he's still waking for milk at night. They are good feeds too (he's still breastfed).

I tried offering water one night which seemed to work brilliantly, got him to 4am. But the next night the clever sausage wised up to mummy's plan and point blank refused anything except boob.

I had to see the Dr yday on an unrelated matter and asked her advise, which was useless, she said to just fill him up at teatime but then i'd be worried he wouldn't take milk at bedtime if he was too full.

So anyone have a similar experience? Will he grow out of wanting milk so much (considering he used to go practically thru the night without it?)

MrsPP84 & JJ (nearly 26wks)


  • I'm afraid I can't help as much as shout ME TOO!!! Henry is 27ish weeks, 22lbs and length wise has had to go into 12-18 month babygros. He eats three meals a day plus snacks and 7oz of milk at bedtime which makes 20ish oz per day, and not only am I unable to drop the (7oz) dream feed he still wakes up for food at 4-5am! I have tried putting the dummy in repeatedly and giving him water instead but he won't have it.

  • We never had this problem (thankfully!!!!) but just a thought - has your oh tried offering him water in the night with you staying well away? When you go in he'll be able to smell the milk on you, which is probably why he then wants the milk. It sounds like he's waking out of habit, rather than actually needing the milk. If he's on three good sized meals a day then he shouldn't need feeding at night.
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