Nappy rash, teething rash or thrush?

My DD is 8 months & has what I thought was teething rash on her bum for weeks now - comes & goes, varying in severity.

I have tried everything, Metonium, Sudocrem, Drapoline, Bepanthen, using no cream, banning wipes, washing her in the bath morning & night, changing her nappy every 16 seconds (exaggeration!)

Every time we take the nappy off ready for her bath she is scratching her noony to pieces & although I have put mitts on so she can have some 'air time' she still rubs it & makes it look even redder.

She even tries to scratch it in the bath & I have noticed her wriggling in a way that makes me think it's uncomfortable.

I don't know what to do, took her to Boots cos her face flared up too & pharmacist said teething rash.

Now someone who used to be a midwife has told hubby it could be thrush.

Can anyone help. I think I may take her to doctors but my surgery are total wan***s & you can't get in without a years notice (another exaggeration). Her sleep is also shocking & I look like i've been exhumed up HELP!



  • Persevre with that appointment at the Drs as it sounds like it is probably more than just nappy rash. It might also be eczema and the GP will be able to prescribe creams to help it clear up.

    If you're having difficulties getting into the GP do you have a walk in clinic near you that you could go to? Most of the bigger Boots have one. Failing that, tell the receptionist that she's got a nasty rash and you need to see someone. My GP's surgery said they will always see babies and children with rashes the same day.
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